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AusPollen: Implementation of a standardized national pollen alert system for better management of allergic respiratory health

Beggs, P., Davies, J., Erbas, B., Katelaris, C., Newbigin, E., Huete, A., Ebert, E., van Klinken, R., Haberle, S. & Medek, D.


Project: Research

AusStage: Gateway to Australian live performance, phase 3-enhancing research methodologies through digital technologies

Holledge, J., Burvill, T., Tompkins, J., Mc Callum, J., Milne, G., Makeham, P. & Kienanader, A.


Project: Research

Ausstage phase 4: Harnessing collective intelligence and pioneering new visual methodologies for innovative research into Australian live performance

Burvill, T., Bollen, J., Tompkins, J., Maxwell, I., Stone, R., Watt, D., Makenham, P., Durban, K., Holledge, J., Milne, G., Casey, M., Grehan, H., Kiernander, A., Stephenson, P., Tait, P., Arrighi, G., Hassall, N., Erskine, S., McGillivray, G., D'Cruz, G. & Carlin, D.


Project: Research

Australasian Society for Human Behaviour and Evolution Meeting

Jonason, P. K. & Stephen, I.


Project: Other

Australia China Young Scientist Exchange Program

Lim, E.


Project: Research

Australia China Young Scientists Exchange Program 2016 (Lee)

Lee, Y., Yang, T., Cai, H. & Yang, Q.


Project: Research

Australia in Colour

Morgan, A.


Project: Other

Australian Access Federation ( AAF )

Dalziel, J.


Project: Research

RAAP2-AAO: Australian Astronomical Optics Macquarie University node (AAO-MQ)

Casali, M., Cerneaz, N. & Luo, S.


Project: Research

Australian Centre for Educational Studies

Dowle, G.


Project: Research

Australian Dark Matter Detector for High Mass Axions

Volz, T., Tobar, M., Goryachev, M., Ivanov, E., Fedorov, A., Bowen, W., Drinkwater, M., Brennen, G., Twamley, J., Altin, P., Doherty, A. & Rbyka, G.

Project: Research

Australian dust: its response to, and role in, climate change

Hesse, P., Roberts, A., Norman, M. & De Deckker, P.


Project: Research

Australian Electricity Markets - Financial Resilience and Optimal Hedging

Trueck, S., Higgs, H., Weron, R. & Bunn, D.


Project: Research

Australian Film Theory and Criticism

Verevis, C. & King, N.


Project: Research

Australian Health Workforce Health Consultancy

Schofield, D. & Brooks, P.


Project: Consultancy

Australian hitech manufacturer takes-on prostate cancer

Parkinson, B., Gillatt, D., Krenus, D. & Hicks, R. J.


Project: Research

Australian Human Resource Management: State of the art

Kramar, R. & McGraw, P.


Project: Research

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Partnership Program

Bodkin-Andrews, G. & Harwood, V.


Project: Research

Australian management practices extension study

Gollan, P., Sarina, T. & Brooks, G.


Project: Research

Australian Medical Assessment Collaboration: from proof of concept to proof of sustainability (AMAC-2)

Wilkinson, D., Canny, B., Coates, H., Schuwirth, L., Edwards, D., Wan, M., Hudson, N., Wilson, I., Pearce, J., Jones, P., Tedman, R., Kramer, D. & Macnish, J.


Project: Research

Australian membership of the European 4MOST Consortium

Zucker, D., Driver, S., Robotham, A., Colless, M., Croom, S., Blake, C., Asplund, M., Glazebrook, K., Parkinson, D., Seymour, N., Trenti, M., Martell, S., Brown, M., Hopkins, A. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

Australian Membership of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

O'Reilly, S., Arculus, R., Lan, R. & Dadd, K.


Project: Research

Australian Membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program

George, S., Arculus, R., Cohen, D., Gallagher, S., Vasconcelos, P., Elders, C., Foden, J., Coffin, M., Nebel, O., McGregor, H., Sloss, C., Webster, J. & Kemp, A.

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Project: Research

Australian Membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program (2014-2015)

George, S., Arculus, R., Rohling, E., Roberts, A., Exon, N., O'Reilly, S., Aitchison, J. C., Webster, J. C. U., Coffin, M., Vasconcelos, P., Welsh, K., McCuaig, T., George, A., Skilbeck, C., Baxter, A., Hergt, J., Gallagher, S., Fergusson, C., Sloss, C., Heap, A., Schellart, W., Stilwell, J., Foden, J., Kershaw, A., Clennell, M. & Müller, D.


Project: Research

Australian Mobile Phone Brand Switching Study

Gray, D., Carter, L. & D'Alessandro, S.


Project: Research

Australian National Fabrication Facility - Optofab Node (RAAP) 2017/18

Withford, M., Fleming, S. & Dzurak, A.


Project: Other

Australian Neurolaw Database

Ellis, G., Kennett, J., Rossmanith, K., Klein, C., Rogers, W., Langdon, R. & McGuire, J.


Project: Research

Australian Phenomics Network (APN) Super Science Project

Foote, S.


Project: Research

Australian Phenomics Network (APN CRIS)

Foote, S.


Project: Research