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Best practices and innovations to improve graduate employability

Parsell, M.


Project: Teaching

Better vibrations: controlling light with sound in semiconductor chips

Steel, M., Eggleton, B., Poulton, C., Reed, G., Peacock, A. & MQRES, M.

3/03/16 → …

Project: Research

Beyond Proteomics: structure and function of protein modifications

Packer, N., Robinson, P., Baxter, R., Tam, P., North, K., McCluskey, A., Molloy, M., Graham, M., Firth, S., Baker, M., Gotz, J. & Von Itzstein, M.


Project: Research

ARC Linkage: Beyond Speech: Towards better communication for children with hearing loss

Demuth, K., Sharma, M., Leigh, G., Kaltenbrunn, I., Davis, A., King, A., Brinson, M. & Lo, C.


Project: Other

Beyond the city walls: the landscapes of Aquileia

Hillard, T. & Traviglia, A.


Project: Research

Beyond the Grammar Checker: Automated Copy-Editing Assistance

Dale, R., MQRES, M., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & PhD Contribution (ARC) 2, P. C. (. 2.

30/06/13 → …

Project: Research

Big Data for Cognitive Business Processes

Yang, J.


Project: Other

Big Data Knowledge Discovery: Machine Learning meets Natural Science

Kane, D., Westoby, M., Falster, D., Smith, P., Durrant-Whyte, H., Mendes, C., MQRES, M., MQRES 2, M. 2. & Müller, D.


Project: Research

Big History Subtitling

Forget, S.


Project: Consultancy

Big Idea Social Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018

McPherson, J.


Project: Teaching

Binary regression with additive predictors: new statistical theory with healthcare applications

Marschner, I., Gebski, V., Newton, J. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

BioCyc Curation

Paulsen, I. & Karp, P. D.


Project: Research

Appointments and Schedules

Biodiversity of marine flatworms in south-eastern Australia

Williamson, J., Rodriguez Monter, J. & Hutchings, P.


Project: Other

Biography of Annie Lock, Missionary

Bishop, C.


Project: Research

Bio-inspired camouflage to prevent shark attacks on surfers

Hart, N., Collin, S. P., Huveneers, C., Gennari, E., Slip, D. & Peddemors, V.

27/03/17 → …

Project: Research

Biological Hydrogen Production

Willows, R. & Brown, L.


Project: Other

BRAIN-MEND: Biological Resource Analysis to Identify New MEchanisms and phenotypes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Blair, I., Wray, N. R., Armstrong, N. J., Kwok, J. B., Laws, S., Mather, K. A., McRae, A. F., Mellick, G. & Sachdev, P. S.


Project: Other

Biology of extrafloral nectaries

Atwell, B., Fabian, B. & Hughes, L.


Project: Research

Biomagnification of the biotoxin BMAA in the environment

Guillemin, G., Rodgers, K., Cox, P., Bowling, L. & Iqbal, K.

22/03/16 → …

Project: Research

Biomarkers for personalising colorectal cancer (CRC) chemotherapy

Randall, S. & Molloy, M.


Project: Research


BioMark HD High-throughput Real Time & Digital PCR System for the Open Access, Multi- Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility

Vemulpad, S., Richardson, D. R., Scolyer, R., Lee, C. S., Halliday, G., Murray, M., Lay, P., Christie, M., Damian, D. L., Hersey, P. & Kench, J. G.


Project: Research

BIOMASS-CCU: Biomass gasification with negative carbon emission through innovative CO2 capture and utilisation and integration with energy storage

Jiang, Y., Wu, C., Tu, X., Miskolczi, N., Bridgwater, A., Olazar, M., Magdziarz, A., Kong, J., Kovacs, F., Chen, H., Wang, F., Li, X., Quan, C., Huang, J., Tan, B. & Sluszniak, S.


Project: Research

Biomechanics of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Cheng, S. & Farnoush, A.


Project: Research

Biomedical imaging with spins in nanoparticles: from single cell to whole-body scanning

Reilly, D. & Rabeau, J.


Project: Research