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CSIRO Macquarie University Chair in Wireless Communications

Hanly, S., Heimlich, M., Piper, J., Parker, T. & Thurgate, S.

16/01/12 → …

Project: Research

Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography - The AKTAAvant

Zakoshanski, I., Packer, N., Paulsen, I., Nevalainen, H., Willows, R., Brown, L., Mabbutt, B., Joannaw, J., Atwell, B., Haynes, P. & Teo, J.


Project: Research

MEG-compatible eyetracker

Brock, J., Crain, S., Williams, M., Savage, G., Rich, A., McArthur, G., McMahon, C., Sharma, M., Langdon, R. & Tesan, G.


Project: Research

Proteomics sample preparation systems

Molloy, M., Nevalainen, H., Packer, N., Haynes, P., Westoby, M. & Van Sluyter, S.


Project: Research

Redesigning patient experiences in health service navigation using digital technology

Lau, A., Laranjo, L., Tong, H. L., Liu, J., Coiera, E., Willcock, S., Vagholkar, S., Carey, M., Biggs, J., Vaile, I., Marles, E. & Besley, S.

31/03/17 → …

Project: Research

Single Cell Genomics

Paulsen, I., Packer, N., Gillings, M., Jin, D., Wilkins, M., Dawes, I., Cavicchioli, R., Scott, R., Wade, C., Firth, N., Waterhouse, P., Stokes, H., Charles, I. & Whitchurch, C.


Project: Research

Dial a sugar: custom-made glycans

Nevalainen, H. & Packer, N.


Project: Research

Biomolecular frontiers - ARC CoE Proposals

Packer, N.


Project: Research

NHMRC Equipment Grant - Rapee

Wuthrich, V. & Rapee, R.


Project: Research

Australian Phenomics Network (APN CRIS)

Foote, S.


Project: Research

Estimation of life expectancy of Australian men 45 years of age and older by age and health status (co-morbidity)

Tickle, L., Joshy, G., Lowe, A., Armstrong, B., Clements, M. & Banks, E.


Project: Research

DP190101507: Trust in a Social and Digital World

Klein, C. & Alfano, M.


Project: Research