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Australia's Asian garrisons and regional engagement, 1945-1988

Brawley, S., Sobocinska, A., Koh, E., Augustine, M., Christina, T. & Blackburn, K.

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Centre for Research Excellence in Implementation Science in Oncology (CRE-ISO)

Braithwaite, J., Ward, R., Currow, D., Delaney, G., Kefford, R., Olver, I., Karnon, J., Crowe, P., Liauw, W., Westbrook, J., Meiser, B., Tieman, J., Verspoor, K., Ellis, L., Krishnasamy, M., Ayliff, N., Hawkins, N., Hibbert, P., Farnsworth, R. & Clay-Williams, R.


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Quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry

Berry, D. & Babbush, R.


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Young People, Sex, Love and the Media

Lumby, C., Albury, K. & McKee, A.


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The effect of adolescent sugar consumption on brain resilience

Cornish, J., Callaghan, P. & Gregoire, M.


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Mindful bodies in action: a philosophical study of skilled movement

Sutton, J., McIlwain, D., MQRES, M., MQRES 3 (International), M. 3. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.


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Predicting biodiversity from population dynamics

Allen, A., Savage, V. & Gillooly, J.


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Algebraic categories and categorical algebra (MQ)

Lack, S.


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Project Varvaria-Breberium-Bribir

Dzino, D., Ghica, V., Milošević, A., Uroda, N., Di Miceli, A., Krnčević, Ž., Ožanić Roguljić, I., Reed, K., Bedić, Ž. & Rathsman, P.

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Comic medievalism and the modern world

D'Arcens, L.


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Neurocognitive substrates of naming facilitation in aphasia

Nickels, L. & Copland, D.


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Learning 2020

Bosanquet, A., Thackray, A., Ritchie, R., Lane, R. & Wilson, N.


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Naturalisation to invasion: how do naturalised plants become successful invaders?

Leishman, M., Murray, B., Moles, A., Richardson, D. & Kilronomics, J.


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A Personalized Social Network Based Location Search and Recommender System

Yang, J., Orgun, M., Wang, Y., Air, M., Eichhorn, B. & Rej, T.

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To be cooperative or selfish: individual decisions in a model society

Griffith, S., Russell, A., Edwards, S. & Newton, J.


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Vocal emotional communication

Thompson, W. & Palmer, C.


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estuarine ecosystem