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Designing software for secrecy: Security-enabled program algebra

McIver, A., Morgan, C., Newton, J. & Butler, M.


Project: Research

Detecting light in the near-infrared four photons at a time

Steel, M., Withford, M., Ireland, M. & Yan, Z.


Project: Research

Determinants of aggressive schemas

Warburton, W. A.


Project: Research

Determinants of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma

Rizos, H., Long, G., Menzies, A. M., Yang, J., Carlino, M., Kefford, R., Scolyer, R., MQRES, M., MQRES 3 (International), M. 3. & De St Groth, B. F.


Project: Research

Determining mechanisms and rates of estuarine beach recovery

Gallop, S., Vila-Concejo, A., Goodwin, I. & Fellowes, T.

1/07/17 → …

Project: Research

Determining the contribution of peripheral immune complement signalling in the progression of motor neuron disease

Chung, R., Woodruff, T., Ruitenberg, M., McCombe, P. A. & Barnumn, S.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

Determining the role of disease avoidance in stigmatization

Stevenson, D., Oaten, M., Chambers, S. & Kurzban, R.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

Determining viable thresholds for SME reporting in Australia

Handley, K., Evans, E. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Developing a complete set of orthogonal tRNAs to expand translation control

Jaschke, P., Hutvagner, A. & Wilding, M.


Project: Other

Developing actuarial skills with ACES resources

Tickle, L. & O'Hare, C.


Project: Research

Developing a framework for sustainable work-integrated learning relationships

McLachlan, K., Fleming, J. & Pretti, J.


Project: Research

Developing a Long-Range Radiocarbon-Based Chronology for Southwest Israel Using Tel Azekah as a Reference Site

Tristant, Y., Hua, Q., Webster, L., Jacobsen, G. & Gadot, Y.


Project: Research

Developing an Acoustic Library of Native Australian Mammals

Clarke-Mackessy, J.


Project: Research

Developing a national scorecard on the knowledge economy

Guthrie, J., Dumay, J. & Massingham, P.


Project: Research

Developing and optimising production of a male-only, temperature-sensitive-lethal, strain of Qfly, B. tryoni for SIT

Crisp, P., Taylor, P., Twisk, A., Jessup, A., Steiner, E., Fogliani, R., Suckling, D. M., Nacey, L., Pilkington, L., Woods, B. & Reynolds, O. L.


Project: Other

Developing a new cross-cultural environmental monitoring tool for Indigenous land managers in NSW

Ens, E., Costello, O., Gomes, D. & Ferguson, M.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research