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A colorectal cancer 'interactome' paradigm that influences patient survival

Baker, M. S., Nice, E., Clarke, S. & Crouch, M.


Project: Research

An Australian Attosecond Science Facility

Kielpinski, D., Sang, R., Lohmann, B., Fuerbach, A. & Luiten, A. N.


Project: Research

NCRIS 5.1 - 2008 DSRD Reporting - Baker

Baker, M. S.


Project: Research

Mg-isotope composition of altered oceanic crust

Huang, J., Dadd, K., Pearson, N., Greau, Y., Griffin, W. & O'Reilly, S.

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Improving efficacy of MAT to enhance area-wide management of Queensland fruit fly

Taylor, P., Collins, S., Jamie, I., Dominiak, B., Jessup, A., Crisp, P., Gu, H. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

SPLAT cuelure based management of Queensland fruit fly

Taylor, P., Crisp, P., Leach, P., Baker, G., Reynolds, O., Jessup, A., Woods, B. & Twisk, A.


Project: Research

Nature of the Lower Continental Crust

Daczko, N.


Project: Research

GEMOC - Geochemical Analyst

O'Reilly, S., Alard, O., Daczko, N., Griffin, B., Jackson, S., Pearson, N., Turner, S. & Wood, B.


Project: Research

Sugarbag and shellfish: Indigenous foodways in colonial Cape York Peninsula

Ross, S., Morrison, M., McNaughton, D., Burke, H., Sobotkova, A., Moffat, I., Asmussen, B. & Claudie, D.


Project: Research

Surface water-subsurface water interactions in endangered upland swamp systems

Fryirs, K., Cowley, K. & Mould, S.


Project: Research

What Can You Trust in the Large and Noisy Web?

Sheng, M., Yang, J., Zhang, W. & Dustdar, S.


Project: Research

A mental model of remaining lifetime: motivating late-career adjustment and productivity

Griffin, B., Wang, M., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.

1/01/14 → …

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