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Veloce Verde+Azzuro - Tripling the Power of Australia's Planet Foundry

Schwab, C., Tinney, C., Da Costa, G., Carter, B., Murphy, S., Stello, D., Wright, D., Yong, D., Marsden, S., Kotachery, D., De Silva, G. & Huber, D.


Project: Research

Mentoring Music Teachers

Power, A. & Powell, S.


Project: Research

Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Sensing Concrete Structures

Clark, S., Withford, M., Mukhopadhyay, S., Valux, M., Samali, B. & Montiero, P.


Project: Other

MISC - Landcom NSW: How can an Australian ‘build to rent’ product contribute to urban renewal and affordable housing supply?

Ruming, K., Pawson , H., Randolph, B., Martin , C., Van Den Nouwelant , R. & Mulligan , V.


Project: Research

Seeking genomic factors that modify the progression of MND

Williams, K., Blair, I., Bauer, D. C., Twine, N., Nicholson, G. & Rowe, D.


Project: Research

Constructing Occupation-Specific Life Tables for China

Li, H., Hanewald, K. & Liao, P.


Project: Research

Theorising the dynamics of social service markets: risk, regulation and rent-seeking

Meagher, G., Considine, M. & Braithwaite, V.


Project: Other

Endeavour Research Fellowship 2018

Shi, B.


Project: Research

Caring for Kin, Confronting Global Disruptive Change

Mitchell, A., Lloyd, K., Suchet-Pearson, S., Wright, S. & General, S.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Fariba Bagherzadeh)

Behnia, M. & Bagherzadeh, F.


Project: Research

Religious individualisation in a Historial Perspective

Ram, K., Mulsow, M. & Rüpke, J.


Project: Research

ISE@Redfern: Indigenous Science Experience at Redfern

Jamie, J., Jamie, I. M. & Vemulpad, S.


Project: Other

PAPST: Pocket Astronomy in Pocket-Sized Towns

Joyce, A.


Project: Other