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Understanding climate change impacts on oysters

Raftos, D. & Goncalves, P.


Project: Research

MSL Health Condition Peer Support Initiative

Jepsen, D. & Challis, C.


Project: Research

NOSE Bag (Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Bag)

Cartmill, J. & Gilmore, A.


Project: Research

Dispersal, diversity and survival: lessons from the fossil record

Lloyd, G. & Lloyd, G.


Project: Research

Determining viable thresholds for SME reporting in Australia

Handley, K., Evans, E. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Measuring coral health, integrating cells to satellites

Grech, A., Leggat, B., Ainsworth, T., Gordon, B., Rosenthal, N., Roessner, U. & Heron, S.


Project: Research

An evaluation of the reliability of opinions given by experts

Wastell, C. & Huppert, H.


Project: Research

Anaysts' forecasts and the determination of reported profit

Wright, S.


Project: Research

Investigation of biogeochemical cycling of atmospheric mercury

Edwards, G.


Project: Research

From joint survival modelling to blind deblurring

Ma, J.


Project: Research

A urinary biomarker to track progression of ALS in humans

Guillemin, G., Rogers, M., Benatar, M., Schultz, D. & Chataway, T.


Project: Research

Estimation of life expectancy of Australian men 45 years of age and older by age and health status (co-morbidity)

Tickle, L., Joshy, G., Lowe, A., Armstrong, B., Clements, M. & Banks, E.


Project: Research

An ecological study of school transition and the early years of school for Aboriginal children in an urban community

Grace, R., Kemp, L., Dockett, S., Perry, R., Comino, E., Jackson Pulver, L. & Haswell-Elkins, M.


Project: Research

Unions NSW Workers Compensation Research Brief

Markey, R., Thornthwaite, L., O'Neill, S. & Holley, S.


Project: Research

Efficient processing of data streams

Orgun, M.


Project: Research

Cognition, Emotion, and Medieval Poetics

Harbus, A.


Project: Research

Australian Membership of the International Ocean Discovery Program (2014-2015)

George, S., Arculus, R., Rohling, E., Roberts, A., Exon, N., O'Reilly, S., Aitchison, J. C., Webster, J. C. U., Coffin, M., Vasconcelos, P., Welsh, K., McCuaig, T., George, A., Skilbeck, C., Baxter, A., Hergt, J., Gallagher, S., Fergusson, C., Sloss, C., Heap, A., Schellart, W., Stilwell, J., Foden, J., Kershaw, A., Clennell, M. & Müller, D.


Project: Research