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Beam profiling instrument for measuring the spatial properties of laser beams

Piper, J., Pask, H., Fuerbach, A., Spence, D. & Connally, R.


Project: Research

Ultrafast laser micro-processing facility

Withford, M., Fuerbach, A., Marshall, G., Connally, R. & Piper, J.


Project: Research

Selling The Punt: An interdisciplinary analysis of the extent and impact of sports wagering marketing strategies in Australia

Gordon, R., Thomas, S., Daube, M., Hastings, G. & Derevensky, J.


Project: Research

High Speed Time Resolved Imaging Facility

Kourmatzis, A., Diasinos, S., Cheng, S., Huda, N., Strezov, V. & Inglis, D.


Project: Research

MindSpot Clinic

Titov, N.


Project: Research

A unified platform for early-stage cancer diagnosis and treatment

Lu, Y. & Piper, J.


Project: Research

Towards effective dissemination of a low intensity Chronic Pain Management Course

Dear, B., Titov, N., Sharpe, L., Nicholas, M. & Perry, K. N.


Project: Research

Alcohol policy interventions in Scotland and England - APISE

Gordon, R., Hastings, G., Mackintosh, A., Meier, P. & Harris, F.


Project: Research

The effect of adolescent sugar consumption on brain resilience

Cornish, J., Callaghan, P. & Gregoire, M.


Project: Research

Creativity in Advertising

Koslow, S. & Sameti, A.


Project: Research

Cannabidiol (CBD): A novel therapeutic for Alzheimer's disease.

Karl, T., Garner, B., Ittner, A. & Ittner, L.


Project: Research

Electrically Stimulated Regeneration of Optical Nerve

Liu, Y., Wang, F., Lin, M., Yan, L. & Lawson, T.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

A strongly adherent graphene coating on platinum electrodes for cochlear implants

Liu, Y., Shi, B. & Lawson, T.


Project: Research

Is it better to remember with others or to remember alone, especially as we age?

Barnier, A., Harris, C., Savage, G., Rajaram, S., Balota, D. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

The effect of aerial spraying of two pesticides on semi-arid grasslands

Hose, G., French, K., Bull, C., Story, P. & Woodman, J.


Project: Research

Harmonic analysis and dispersive partial differential equations

Li, J., Guo, Z., Kenig, C. & Nakanishi, K.

31/01/17 → …

Project: Research

DP190101507: Trust in a Social and Digital World

Klein, C. & Alfano, M.


Project: Research