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ASSA: Maohi Voyagers to France and Australia, 1760s-1860s

Fullagar, K. & Lacarde, V.


Project: Other

National Nanolithography Facility

Jagadish, C., Kane, D., Withford, M., Goldys, E., Dawes, J. & Esselle, K.


Project: Research

MQ Marine Research Centre

George, S., Armand, L., Armbrecht, L., Bishop, M., Brock, G., Daczko, N., Dadd, K., Goodwin, I., Grech, A., Hesse, P., Irvine, A., Jacob, D., Kennedy, M., Kosnik, M., Loehr, S., Madin, E., Madin, J., Ostrowski, M., Paulsen, I., Saintilan, N., Tetu, S., Williamson, J., Wood, L. & O'Brien, P.

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Project: Research

Examining the role of a novel generalised susceptibility gene for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Donald, J., Schofield, P., Fullerton, J. & Shannon Weickert, F.


Project: Research

Problem solving with alegrbraic methods

McCallum, S.


Project: Research

The impact of the A-WAPTAS on duration of hospital stay

Shores, A.


Project: Research

Primary Production in Space and Time

Prentice, C., Huete, A., Mikaloff-FLotcher, S. & Cleugh, H.


Project: Research

Beyond the Grammar Checker: Automated Copy-Editing Assistance

Dale, R., MQRES, M., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & PhD Contribution (ARC) 2, P. C. (. 2.


Project: Research

Natural Language Generation for Aboriginal Languages

Dras, M., Turpin, M., Rambow, O., Dale, R. & Carthew, K.


Project: Research

Modelling of native vegetation patterns in the NSW North West Slopes

Peacock, R.


Project: Research

Equipment for preparing histological sections

Pilowsky, P., Goodchild, A., Stoodley, M., Avolio, A., Graham, S. L., Kumar, N., McMullan, S., Sun, Q. & Butlin, M.


Project: Research

SINTELLA: Simulation of Intelligence Analysis

Wastell, C.


Project: Research

Development and validation of a pediatric transfer function for deriving central aortic blood pressure from radial artery tonometry in children

Skilton, M. R., Avolio, A., Ayer, J. G., Butlin, M., Celermajer, D., Al Haj Qasem, A. & Tan, T. Y.


Project: Research

How many bright stars of the night harbour planets

Ireland, M.


Project: Research