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HgBio: (1) immobilised cells for remediation of mercury (2) Methyl mercury filter

Edwards, G. & McCarthy, D.


Project: Research

(Re)claiming social capital: improving language and cultural pathways for refugee students into Australian higher education

Fagan, S., Tregale, R., Baker, S., Irwin, E., Cameron, H., Singh, S. & Earnest, J.


Project: Research

100 Gbit to 1 Terabit per second optical commuincation test-bed facility

Withford, M., Eggleton, B., Luther-Davies, B., Mitchell, A., Lowery, A., Kamal, A. & Frisken, S.


Project: Research

15 DELL Inspiron 1525 laptop computers

McArthur, G.


Project: Research

2014-18 Roth Outreach Fellowship

Davis, G.


Project: Other