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The Hearing Cooperative Research Centre

McMahon, C., Newall, P. & Cowan, R.

1/07/06 → …

Project: Research

The Hong Kong Archive of Language Learning (Funded by Hong Kong University Grants Committee)

Lee, K., Chik, A., Gao, A. & Trent, J.


Project: Research

The Human, Human Rights and the Image

Lechte, J.


Project: Research

The human face as an evolved siganlling system

Burke, D.


Project: Research

The ICU Escalation Plan: Townsville Hospital and Health Service

Clay-Williams, R.


Project: Research

The impact and cost of visiting services to remote communities - is 'Fifo' the cure or the curse?

Jones, M., Wakerman, J., Humphreys, J., Bourke, L., Dunbar, T., Lyle, D., Carey, T., Guthridge, S. & Zhao, Y.


Project: Research

The impact if ocean acidification on the fertilization, larval development and recruitment of key Australian marine organisations

Williamson, J., Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Havenhand, J., Ward, S., Diaz-Pulido, G., Kline, D. & Hernaman, V.


Project: Research

The impact of employee voice on organisational value and performance

Gollan, P.


Project: Research

The impact of fishing on wobbegong sharks in New South Wales

Huveneers, C.


Project: Research

The impact of the ASX Corporate Governance Recommendations on corporate risk management

Dyball, M. & Evans, E.


Project: Research

The impact of the A-WAPTAS on duration of hospital stay

Shores, A.


Project: Research

The Impact of Web-based Lecture Technologies on Current and Future Practice in Learning and Teaching

Gosper, M., Phillips, R., Carter, H. & Green, D.


Project: Research