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Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Signalling in Ovarian Cancer

Uitto, P.


Project: Research

Use it or Lose it? Maximising your brain health

Siette, J. & Crick, S.


Project: Other

Using epidemiology to inform psychiatric classification (DSM-V and ICD-11)

Baillie, A., Andrews, J., Slade, T., Mills, K., Oakley-Browne, M., Ruscio, A. & Teesson, M.


Project: Research

Using high-resolution lasers to test quantum electrodynamics

Orr, B., Baldwin, K., Warrington, R. & Eyler, E.


Project: Research

Using hypnosis to model olfactory hallucination

Cox, R. & Langdon, R.


Project: Research

UTS Early Career Researcher Grant

Casavecchia, L.


Project: Research

UV to mid-infrared fluorescence spectrometer for use in mineral analysis, radiation dosimetry, and laser materials characterisation

Withford, M., Lancaster, D., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., Grano, S. & Spooner, N.


Project: Research

UWB Wireless Body Area Network for Health Monitoring (top-up scholarship for Jie Ding)

Ding, J. & Dutkiewicz, E.


Project: Research

Validating the NLRP3 Inflammasome as a Therapeutic Target in Motor Neuron Disease

Atkin, J., Woodruff, T. M., McCombe, P. A., Walker, A. K., Robertson, A. & Gordon, R.


Project: Research

Validation of the A-WPTAS: A multicentre randomised controlled study

Shores, A.


Project: Research

Valuing Adaptive Re-use of Heritage Buildings

Houston, D., McNeill, D., Dowling, R. & Rogers, D.

16/06/17 → …

Project: Research

Variation and Change in Australian English

Cox, F.


Project: Research