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Spatial variability in polar soil ecosystems: An integrated study of genes, microbial biodiversity and landform evolution as a baseline for monitoring climate change

Gillings, M., Coulon, F., Ferguson, S. H., Gore, D., Kirsten, A., Raymond, B., Riddle, M., Siciliano, S., Snape, I., Stark, J. & Wasley, J.


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How antibiotic resistance and virulence genes get into pathogens

Gillings, M., Stokes, H., Holmes, A. J., Iredell, J. & Partridge, S.


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Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Thi My Thuong Doan)

Lepone, G. & Doan, T.


Project: Research

Caring for Kin, Confronting Global Disruptive Change

Mitchell, A., Lloyd, K., Suchet-Pearson, S., Wright, S. & General, S.


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The black hole at the Galaxy's centre

Wardle, M.


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The cognitive science of auditory verbal hallucinations

McCarthy-Jones, S. & Langdon, R.


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Age at first birth, mode of conception and adjustment to parenthood

McMahon, C., Gibson, F., Fisher, J., Boivin, J., Saunders, D. & APAI, A.


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Video based offerings for Macquarie Units

Cassidy, S.


Project: Research

Using hypnosis to model olfactory hallucination

Cox, R. & Langdon, R.


Project: Research

The birth of stars and planetary systems

Wardle, M. & Chapman, J.


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Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Bilgin, A.


Project: Research

MACCS - Brain imaging software

Coltheart, M., Crain, S. & Johnson, B.


Project: Research

High power optical excilamps

Carman, R. & Chinchen, G.


Project: Research

Sydney Vital Travel Award

Deng, W. & Zvyagin, A.


Project: Research

Scattering and Imaging of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Waves by Buried Objects

Smith, P. & Markowskei, A.

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Developing teachers'/students' science capital and intercultural understanding via STEAM education

Chu, H. E., Falloon, G., Harrison, N., Cavanagh, M., Jamie, J., Pask, H., Martin, S. N., Son, Y., Song, J., Choe, S., Meng, H. J., Cho, Y. H., Lim, H. J., Lego, D., Treagust, D. F. & Siburn, K.


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