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Constructing Objective Biological Criteria of Health

Bourrat, P., Griffiths, P., Rainey, P., Nesse, R. & Gray, R. D.


Project: Research

Investigating Autistic Burnout (#AutBurnout)

Arnold, S., higgins, J., Pellicano, L., Trollor, J. N. & Gibbs, V.


Project: Research

Older workers & psychological contracts: A dynamic perspective

Garcia, P., Bordia, P. & Amarnani, R. K.


Project: Research

Supporting hearing aid use for people with dementia

Dawes, P., Leroi, I., Brown, L. & Armitage, C. J.


Project: Research

Enterprise Insight Analysis

Beheshti, A. & Khadivizand, S.


Project: Research

EPIC-Vision: From discovery to therapy in genetic eye diseases. [APP1116360 Funded by NHMRC; Total Awarded $2,498,231]

Mackey, D. A., Craig, J. E., Hewitt, A. W., Burdon, K. P., Jamieson, R. V., Grigg, J., MacGregor, S., Chen, F., Otlowski, M., Schofield, D., Mallipatna, A., Bennetts, B., Alexander, I. E., De Roach, J., Ruddle, J. B., Simunovic, M. P., Edwards, T. & Lamey, T.


Project: Research

XVviri: The Interpreters of the Sibyl: The XVviri and the City of Rome

Laurence, R., Simpson, J., Coopey, E. & Statheos, P.

1/08/18 → …

Project: Research

Productivity of the Radiology Workforce. [Funded by NSW Treasury; Total Awarded: $8000]

Schofield, D. & Adams, E. J.


Project: Research

Multi-Purpose Offshore/High Energy Platforms: Concepts and Applications

Abdussamie, N., Garaniya, V., Wang, C. M., Karampour, H., Magee, A., Jin, Y., Yew, L. K., Draper, S., Martini, A., Underwood, M., Shearer, C., Ang, K. K., Abbassi, R., Salehi, F., Abrahams, J., Heasman, K. & Jarvis, M.


Project: Research

Genetics of Intellectual Disability. [Funded by Garvan Philanthropic Funding; Total Awarded: $130,000]

Roscioli, T., Schofield, D. & Field, M.


Project: Research