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The Origin of Galactic Positrons

Ellis, S. & Collins, M.


Project: Other

Theorising the dynamics of social service markets: risk, regulation and rent-seeking

Meagher, G., Considine, M. & Braithwaite, V.


Project: Other

The Past in the Present: Australian Lesbian and Gay Life Stories

Reynolds, R., Robinson, S., Jennings, R., Moore, C., Willett, G. & Bradley, K.


Project: Research

The pharmacology and toxicity of synthetic cannabinoids

Connor, M., Kassiou, M. & McGregor, I.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

The phonological structure of Kaytetye: Unique or universal?

Proctor, M., Harvey, M. & Turpin, M.

2/04/15 → …

Project: Research

The Politics of Birth

McKinnon, K.


Project: Research

The posthuman subject in contemporary children's fiction

Flanagan, V.


Project: Research

The pricing and risk management of reverse mortgages in the Australian Market

Pitt, D., Joshi, M. & Dickson, D.


Project: Research

The primary care management and impact of osteoarthritis: learning from big data

Abbott, J. H., Dowell, T., Hefford, M., Wilson, R., Audas, R., Kvizhinadze, G., Darlow, B., Schofield, D. & Blakely, T.


Project: Research

The professional digital competencies(PDC) project

Falloon, G., Ryan, M. & Lane, R.


Project: Teaching

The Protein Corona: Imaging the nanoparticle biological identity card

Garcia-Bennett, A., MQRES (International), M. (. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Therapeutics based on the protective activity of protein disulphide in MND

Atkin, J., Walker, A. K., Laird, A., Heras, B., Anderson, M., Craik, D. & Bleackley, M.

28/04/17 → …

Project: Research

The Red Cross' Young Womens's Health Program Research Project

Spencer, R.


Project: Research