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The Traditional Music Heritage of the Sicilian Community in NSW

Garigliano, C.


Project: Research

The Transition from Learning to Work

Wood, L.


Project: Research

The Typology of Dual Degrees

Rohanek, L.


Project: Consultancy

The Ultimate Multimode Photonics Characterisation Tool

Gross, S., Steel, M., Ams, M., Spence, D., Hudson, D., Arriola, A., Collins, M., Douglass, G. & Gretzinger, T.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

The underpinnings of social dysfunction in autism and Williams syndrome: from genes to brain to hormones

Porter, M., Boulton, K., Hocking, D. & Williams, M.


Project: Research

The usefulness of MASW in delineating soils

Lackie, M. & Lovell, J.


Project: Research

The use of context in language processing (Prof Mark Steedman)

Crain, S.


Project: Research

The viability of North Ryde community bank

Wright, S.


Project: Research

ZEST EU: The Zenflow Spring System EU Safety and Performance Study

Lynch, W. J., Rai, M. & Chapman, N.


Project: Research

The ‘Common Heritage of Mankind’: Philosophical Foundations

Tanasoca, A. & Formosa, P.


Project: Other

Thin Antenna Beam Steering Systems with Exceptional Performance

Esselle, K., Maci, S., Vardaxoglou, J., Bulger, D. & Matekovits, L.


Project: Research

Thinking in Smells

Stevenson, D., Chinchen, G. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Thiol Protease Inhibitors as Possible Anti Cancer Compounds

Cleemann, F. & Karuso, P.


Project: Research

Third year logic

Crain, S.


Project: Research

Thomson Reuters Global Ownership Database

Trueck, S., Yu, F., Adrian, C., Carlton, A., Chand, P., Chen, C., Cummings, J., Evans, E., De Mello, L., He, C., Hellmann, A., Jameson, K., Kalotay, E., Loudon, G., Lu, M., Mala, R., Magee, S., Milunovich, G., Pan, P., Patel, C., Sheedy, E., Shi, S., Siu, K. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Through a glass brightly: opening up the mid-infrared using dysprosium ions

Jackson, S., MQRES, M. & MQRES 2, M. 2.


Project: Research

Through the eyes of the Chinese: Attitudes to and opinions of Australia and their influence on Sino-Australian business exchange

Ren, Y., Liu, S., Smith, J., Gallois, C., Liesch, P. & Daly, S.


Project: Research