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Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Slatyer, H.


Project: Research

Cardiovascular regulation in depression

Goodchild, A.


Project: Research

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Nevalainen, H., Gaus, K., Khachigian, L., Jessup, W., Hogg, P., Gunning, P., Kavallaries, M., Willcox, M., Gooding, J., Thordarson, P., King, N., Allen, D., Vadas, M., Ammit, A., Grewal, T., Jolliffe, K., Goodchild, A. & Whitchurch, C.


Project: Research

Beyond the city walls: the landscapes of Aquileia

Hillard, T. & Traviglia, A.


Project: Research

High resolution imaging and analysis of low dimensional structures

Riley, J., Tansley, T. & Butcher, S.


Project: Research

Monoidal categories and beyond: new contexts and new applications

Street, R., Verity, D., Lack, S., Garner, R. & MQRES Inter Tuition Fee only, M. I. T. F. O.


Project: Research

A consequence of independents

Weeks, L. & Goot, M.


Project: Research

Live-cell confocal microscope

Atkin, J., Sundaramoorthy, V., Halloran, M., Avolio, A., Butlin, M., Chung, R., Morsch, M., Lee, A., Shi, B., Connor, M., Goodchild, A., Hassan, S., Guillemin, G., Lim, E., Lovejoy, D., Adams, S., Heng, B., McMullan, S., Phillips, J. K., Hildreth, C., Rizos, H., Shahheydari, H., Irvine, M., Lauter, C., Boyd, S. & Vickery, K.


Project: Research

High performance processing cluster and associated equipment

Hosmann, R., Frino, A., Ford, G., Petty, R., Croucher, J., Lepone, A., Areni, C., Groeger, L., Moroko, L., Mollica, V., Li, G. & Wong, J.


Project: Research

Imaging/spectroscopy unit at the single-photon sensitivity level

Zvyagin, A., Goldys, E., Goodchild, A., Rabeau, J., Gaebel, T., Mildren, R., Carman, R. & Gulson, B.


Project: Research

Training the next generation of anaethetists in nerve blocks

Chuan, A. & Connor, M.


Project: Research

Equipment for preparing histological sections

Pilowsky, P., Goodchild, A., Stoodley, M., Avolio, A., Graham, S. L., Kumar, N., McMullan, S., Sun, Q. & Butlin, M.


Project: Research

A systems biology capability for the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics

Packer, N., James, D., Simpson, S., Cordwell, S., Wilkins, M., Payne, R., Cavicchioli, R., Guillemin, G., Goodchild, A., Scott, R., Thorne, R., Hondermarck, H., Djordjevic, S., McDougald, D. & Myers, G.


Project: Research

ASA PhD Support Grant

Chuan, A.


Project: Research