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Field and Studio Sound Equipment Systems

Ellis, G., Millard, K., Knowles, J., Murray, T., Marynowsky, W., Pearlman, K., Barkat, I., Morgan, A., Ogilvie, J., Phelps, B., Bidault, M., Moore, D. R., Cooper, C., Burgess, N., Furduj, B., Mees, C. & O'Grady, P.


Project: Research

Impacts of emotion on diagnostic decision making in anaesthesiology

Crane, M., Tan, S. G. M., Loveday, T., Wiggins, M. & Forrest, K.


Project: Research

Hot stage separation of non-ferrous fraction during iron ore reduction

Strezov, V., Frost, R., Nelson, P., Evans, T. & MQRES (International), M. (.


Project: Research

An early childhood community-based mathematics and science approach to addressing Indigenous disadvantage in remote communities

Neilsen-Hewett, C., Grace, R., Alperstein, G., Papic, M., Mulligan, J., McKay-Tempest, J. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Let's Talk: Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness

Guo, Q., Chong, M., Wong, G., Kelley, D. & Liu, K.


Project: Research

APRA Artist in Residence, Macquarie University, 2014/2015

Potts, J., Evans, M. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

Classroom of Many Cultures: Co-creating support curriculum with international community partners and students

Downey, G., Lloyd, K., Baker, M., Bilous, R., Coffey, E., Hammersley, L. & Rawlings-Sanaei, F.


Project: Research

Recognising and rewarding good practice with sessional teaching

Harvey, M., Chalmers, D., Hamilton, J. & Jones, S.


Project: Research

Real Estate Cycles and Bank Systemic Risk

Kalotay, E., Loudon, G., Trueck, S. & Altman, E.


Project: Research

Behaviour and determinants of Australian bank capital buffers

Cummings, J. & Durrani, K.


Project: Research

Evidence Check on Healthcare Performance Reporting Bodies

Braithwaite, J., Hibbert, P., Johnston, B. & Wiles, L.


Project: Research

Keeping people with communication disabilities safe in hospital

Georgiou, A.


Project: Research

A dynamic model linking organisational systems to clinical performance in Australian hospitals

Greenfield, D., Townsend, K. & Wilkinson, A.


Project: Research

The ICU Escalation Plan: Townsville Hospital and Health Service

Clay-Williams, R.


Project: Research

Video Consultation Capability Project (HealthDirect)

Georgiou, A., Coiera, E. & Baysari, M.


Project: Research

The appropriateness of healthcare delivered to Australian children: CareTrack Kids

Braithwaite, J., Jaffe, A., White, L., Cowell, C. & Harris, M.


Project: Research

Improving the time series of estimates of dugong abundance and distribution by incorporating revised availability bias corrections

Grech, A., Marsh, H., Sobtzick, S., Hagihara, R., Jones, R. & Pollock, K.


Project: Research

Linnean Society of NSW Emergency Grant from Joyce W Vickery Fund

Ferry, A.


Project: Research

Evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of an intervention to support primary schools in NSW who are part of the SunSmart Program

Dudley, D. A., Winslade, M., Cotton, W., Drinkwater, E., Tribolet, K. & Wright, B.


Project: Research