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Community spirit, social transformation, sustainable partnerships: community capacity building for community transformations

Howitt, R., Spencer, R., Wise, A., Fine, M., Fagan, R., McCracken, K., Dowling, R., Tannous, K., Millard, K., Clement, N. & APAI, A.


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Compact and versatile chip lasers for 3D mine surveying

Withford, M., Munro, T., Johnson, P. & Lancaster, D.


Project: Research

Comparative Analysis Health Partnerships in UK, Denmark and Australia

Steane, P.


Project: Research

Comparative DiverCities: A Research Program

Wise, A.


Project: Research

Comparative Modelling of Protein Structure

Lance, B.


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COMPARE - Constraint Induced or Multimodal aphasia rehabilitation: An RCT of therapy for stroke related chronic aphasia

Nickels, L., Rose, M., Copland, D., Togher, L., Meinzer, M., Ong, B. & Godecke, E.


Project: Research

Complete a new edition of a book on the evaluation of digital learning

Hedberg, J.


Project: Research

Complete blood fractionation using a low-cost microfluidic system

Inglis, D., Ebrahimi Warkiani, M., Chan, M. & Karlin, I.

15/02/17 → …

Project: Research

Completing the Gallipoli story: Researching Turkish Archives for a More Comprehensive History

Waterson, D., Prior, R., Stanley, P., Akgun, S. & Broadbent, H.


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Completing the loop: returning meaningful learning analytic data to teachers

Lockyer, L., Kennedy, G., Corrin, L., Dawson, S., Williams, D., Mulder, R., Khamis, S. & Copeland, S.


Project: Research

Complex System Analysis of Weather and Climate

Cheung, K.

1/07/17 → …

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Comprehending and modelling the workings of the animal brain

Barron, A., MQRES (International), M. (. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Computational models of synergies in human language acquisition

Johnson, M., Frank, M., Newton, J., MQRES, M. & Demuth, K.


Project: Research

Computational Neurosurgery Lab

Di Ieva, A.


Project: Other

Computational Neurosurgery Lab

Di Ieva, A.

1/01/19 → …

Project: Research

Computers to support the Numeracy Centre Programs

Ainsworth, M. & Ainsworth, A. J.


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