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How language develops, what goes wrong, and why it matters: Following the Early Language in Victoria Study to age 13

Castles, A., Reilly, S., Wake, M., Bavin, E., Eadie, P., Mensah, F., Bretherton, L. & Gold, L.

1/01/13 → …

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Improved population management system for Queensland fruit fly

Taylor, P., Hall, C., Dominiak, B., Suckling, M., Stringer, L., Jessup, A., Park, K. C., Ryan, D., El Sayad, A. & Clarke, A.

8/04/14 → …

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Consultancy for Seed Advisory Pty Ltd

Trueck, S.


Project: Research

Seinfeld - Celebrity endorsment project

Webster, C.


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Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Lin Han)

Trueck, S. & Han, L.

1/07/17 → …

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Australian Electricity Markets - Financial Resilience and Optimal Hedging

Trueck, S., Higgs, H., Weron, R. & Bunn, D.


Project: Research

PIV System

Zakoshanski, I., Diasinos, S., Cheng, S. & Inglis, D.


Project: Research

The Cybermoholla Project

Lloyd, J.


Project: Research

Streak camera - an ultrafast oscilloscope

Zakoshanski, I. & Volz, T.


Project: Research

Precision lapping-polishing machine

Zakoshanski, I.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC Scholarship (Chengyang (Judy) Wu)

Trueck, S. & Wu, C.


Project: Research

Measuring morality

Howarth, S. & Ryan, M.

1/01/18 → …

Project: Research

Quantum Debugging

Gilchrist, A.


Project: Research

Triumphing in a new Indigenous Australia

Magson, N., Mooney, J., Dillon, A., Magson, N. R., Blacklock, F. & Seaton, M.

20/04/16 → …

Project: Research

International Coastal Symposium, 13-18 May 2018

Gallop, S.

13/05/18 → …

Project: Research

Extreme-Scale Computing for Big Data Analytics

Lee, Y., Hong, S., Kang, S. & Park, K.

21/07/16 → …

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