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Children and Families Research

Stapledon, J.


Project: Research

Identification and Characterisation of Novel Biomarkers for Colrectal Cancer

Sethi, M. & Fanayan, S.


Project: Research

Dreams: A Cultural History 1840-1940

Groth, H. & Lusty, N.


Project: Research

Molecular analysis of T cells in cancer

Sedger, L. & Kefford, R.


Project: Research

Grass of the Oceans: quantifying biodiversity, environmental and climatic connectivity from a decade-long capture of Southern Ocean diatoms

Armand, L., Trull, T., Bray, S., Rigual Hernandez, A. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Response of the Totten Glacier to past climate warming

Armand, L., Noble, T., Chase, Z. & Halpin, J.

28/06/17 → …

Project: Research

Test record for Annie

Au-Yeung, A.

Project: Other

TAIPAN - a spectrograph to survey the southern sky

Parker, Q.


Project: Research

A new field plate for the 6DF multi-object spectroscopy system on the Anglo-Australian Observatory's Schmidt telescope

Parker, Q., Freeman, K., Lewis, G., Steinmetz, M., Gibson, B. & Bland-Hawthorn, J.


Project: Research

Cybercrime Risks and Spam Deception Experiments

Alazab, M. & Broadhurst, R.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Australian Phenomics Network (APN) Super Science Project

Foote, S.


Project: Research

Spinning the ferrous wheel: how is iron cycled in Southern Ocean waters?

Armand, L., Ellwood, M., Boyd, P., Wilhelm, S. & Twining, B.

31/05/17 → …

Project: Research

How green were our deserts? Evidence of Late Quaternary climate change and the source of water in the Lake Eyre basin

Cohen, T., Murray-Wallace, C., Nansom, G. & Jones, B.


Project: Research

Ausstage phase 4: Harnessing collective intelligence and pioneering new visual methodologies for innovative research into Australian live performance

Burvill, T., Bollen, J., Tompkins, J., Maxwell, I., Stone, R., Watt, D., Makenham, P., Durban, K., Holledge, J., Milne, G., Casey, M., Grehan, H., Kiernander, A., Stephenson, P., Tait, P., Arrighi, G., Hassall, N., Erskine, S., McGillivray, G., D'Cruz, G. & Carlin, D.


Project: Research

The pricing and risk management of reverse mortgages in the Australian Market

Pitt, D., Joshi, M. & Dickson, D.


Project: Research

ENVG340 Environmental Management

Suchet-Pearson, S.


Project: Research

ARC LIEF: 3D glass printing: the next step in advanced manufacturing

Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., McLaughlin, R. A., Withford, M., Lancaster, D. G., Priest, C. & Ghomashchi, R.


Project: Research

Unlocking polarisation on a chip

Withford, M.


Project: Research

The first imaging survey of habitable-zone exoplanets with GLINT

Withford, M., Tuthill, P. G., Guyon, O., Leon-Saval, S., Norris, B. & Lawrence, J.


Project: Research

UV to mid-infrared fluorescence spectrometer for use in mineral analysis, radiation dosimetry, and laser materials characterisation

Withford, M., Lancaster, D., Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H., Grano, S. & Spooner, N.


Project: Research

A RCT of depression prevention in adolescents: the Future Proofing trial

Christensen, H. M., Venkatesh, S., Werner-Seidler, A., Calear, A., Mackinnon, A., Hudson, J., Oei, J. L., Larsen , M. & Batterham, P. J.


Project: Research

BRAIN-MEND: Biological Resource Analysis to Identify New MEchanisms and phenotypes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Blair, I., Wray, N. R., Armstrong, N. J., Kwok, J. B., Laws, S., Mather, K. A., McRae, A. F., Mellick, G. & Sachdev, P. S.


Project: Other

Visible Fibre Laser

Withford, M.


Project: Research