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All integrated mid-infrared fiber lasers

Fuerbach, A., Jackson, S., Withford, M. & Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.


Project: Research

Alteration of the pH optimum of an enzyme by directed evolution

Bergquist, P. L. & Gibbs, M.


Project: Research

Alternative life-history in the evolution of colour polymorphism

Pryke, S.


Project: Research

A mass spectrometer for cancer biomarker research

Molloy, M., Packer, N., Baxter, R., Clarke, S., Horvath, L., Kavallaris, M., Robertson, G., Van Zandwijk, N. & Henderson, B.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2010-2011

Potts, J. & Evans, M.


Project: Research

AMCOS Artist in Residence 2012-2013

Potts, J. & Evans, M.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2014-2015

Potts, J., Evans, M. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2015-2016

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2016-2017

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2017-2018

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

A MEG-based cognitive neuroscience laboratory

Crain, S., Coltheart, M., Michie, P., Crewther, D., Pammer, K., Johnson, B. & Mattingley, J.


Project: Research

A mental model of remaining lifetime: motivating late-career adjustment and productivity

Griffin, B., Wang, M., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.

1/01/14 → …

Project: Research

A Modern Formal Semantics of Attribute Grammars

Sloane, A.


Project: Research

AMSA 2020: Marine Science in the Anthropocene

Williamson, J. & Berents, P.


Project: Other

A multi-modal investigation of current and proposed structures and processes determining and sustaining quality in Australian centre based child care

Stapledon, J., Harrison, L., Press, F., Sumsion, J. & Fenech, M.


Project: Research

A multi-omics platform for molecular evolution and developmental biology

Ranganathan, S., Ragan, M., Coin, L., Lambert, D., Zhou, Y., Quinn, R., Beagley, K., Liu, F., Lewis, R., Little, M., Mackay-Sim, A. & Gorse, A. D.


Project: Research