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A new field plate for the 6DF multi-object spectroscopy system on the Anglo-Australian Observatory's Schmidt telescope

Parker, Q., Freeman, K., Lewis, G., Steinmetz, M., Gibson, B. & Bland-Hawthorn, J.


Project: Research

A new galactic bulge planetary nebulae luminosity function

Parker, Q., Kovacevic, A. & Miszalski, B.


Project: Research

A New Generation Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer Facility for Advanced Research in the Earth, Planetary and Environmental Sciences

Honda, M., Phillips, D., Harrison, T., Chappell, J., Pillans, B., Lister, G., Fifield, L., Gleadow, A., Kohn, B., Chivas, A., O'Reilly, S. & Cooke, D.


Project: Research

ARC DP: A new look at perceptual expertise: The attentional Gestalt framework

Curby, K., Shomstein, S. & Peterson, M.


Project: Research

An exploratory energy study of the smart grid and smart city data from Australia

Chun , K. P., Choi, B., Fuller, S., Lo, K., Mah, D. & Yeteman, O.


Project: Research

Animal Behaviour CORE - Sound attenuating chamber & vibration isolation table

Nelson, X., Evans, C. & Taylor, P.


Project: Research

An investigation of young children's multimodal conceptualizations of music

Whiteman, P.


Project: Research

A novel optical stimulation method for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Treatment

McMullan, S., Bilston, L. & Burke , P.


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