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Peer Assessment in Statistics

Bilgin, A.


Project: Research

Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Bilgin, A.


Project: Research

Tracking Antimicrobial resistance genes in the Antarctic environment

Power, M., Gillings, M., Gordon, D. M. & Powell, S.


Project: Research

Cue Utilisation in Power Generation

Wiggins, M.


Project: Research

Older workers & psychological contracts: A dynamic perspective

Garcia, P., Bordia, P. & Amarnani, R. K.


Project: Research

Forgotten Empire: the Art and Culture of the Elamite Civilization (ca. 4000-525 BCE)

Alvarez-Mon, J., MQRES, M. & MQRES 3 (International), M. 3.


Project: Research

Making airwaves: a history of women in Australian broadcasting

Baker, J.

30/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Understanding sex differences in pain: cellular therapies for animal pain

Goldys, E., Liu, G., Hutchinson, M. & Vesey, G.

16/12/16 → …

Project: Research

Generative models of life stories

Johnson, M., Du, L. & Buntine, W.

2/07/13 → …

Project: Research

Optimising primary care management of knee osteoarthritis: the PARTNER project; [Funded by NHMRC Partnership; Total Awarded: $1,168,208.68 over 4 years

Hunter, D. J., Bennell, K. L., Hinman, R. S., Zwar, N. A., Pirotta, M., Briggs, A. M., Schofield, D., Forbes, A. B. & Bunker, S. J.


Project: Research