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Skilfully Planting the Trees of Light , Manichaean Texts in Chinese

Mikkelsen, G., Lieu, S., Sims-Williams, N. & Pedersen, N.


Project: Research

High resolution imaging and analysis of low dimensional structures

Riley, J., Tansley, T. & Butcher, S.


Project: Research

Advanced facility for next generation sustainable energy, biomedical & nano-imaging optical fibre technologies

Peng, J., Yu, A., Amal, R., Khalili, N., Gibson, B., Gan, X., Holdsworth, J., Collins, J., Xi, J., Epaarachchi, J., Reimers, J., Atai, J., Khoury, T., Michie, A., Aslund, M., Wang, J., Scott, J., Kwok, C., Ramer, R., Sen, D., Bao, J., Crossley, M., Baxter, G., Town, G. & Peng, G. D.


Project: Research

Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Valverde, E.


Project: Research

Curricular approaches to increasing cultural competence and Indigenous participation in Psychology education and training

Homewood, J., Dudgeon, P., Herbert, J., Harris, J., Darlaston-Jones, D. & Hammond, S.


Project: Research

Quantum Science and Technology (QSciTech)

Molina-Terriza, G., Twamley, J., Shparlinski, I., Town, G., Gilchrist, A., Brennen, G., Steel, M., Cresser, J., Rabeau, J., Terno, D., Brown, L., Bulger, D., Rebic, S. & Marshall, G.


Project: Research

ARC Research Evaluation Committee (REC)

Lieu, S.


Project: Research

MQ Photonics Research Centre

Coutts, D. W., Withford, M., Orr, B., Carman, R., Connally, R., Dawes, J., Browne, P., Downes, J., Fuerbach, A., Goldys, E., Dekker, P., He, Y., Jin, D., Kane, D., Marshall, G., Mildren, R., Pask, H., Piper, J., Rabeau, J., Spence, D., Drozdowicz-Tomsia, K., Town, G., Zvyagin, A. & Steel, M.

1/07/07 → …

Project: Research

Speech Enhancement in Humans and Machines

Monaghan, J., Goehring, T., Bleeck, S. & McMahon, C.

13/03/17 → …

Project: Research

China and the Roman East

Mikkelsen, G. & Lieu, S.


Project: Research

Developing new treatments for brain arteriovenous malformations: Identification of endothelial protein targets

Stoodley, M., Tu, J., Katsifis, A., Smee, R. & Morgan, M.


Project: Research

Proteomic analysis of endothelial membrane protein changes for developing novel and innovative methods to prevent stroke from brain vascular abnormalities

Tu, J., Stoodley, M., Raftery, M., Smee, R., Molloy, M., Morgan, M., Bucknell, M., Hu, Z., Chen, Z., Wei, L., Yu, S. & Yang, M.


Project: Research

Macquarie-Ryde Futures Partnership

Howitt, R.


Project: Research

Mapping the connectome that controls breathing

McMullan, S. & Dempsey, B.


Project: Research

Systems biology: New generation DNA sequencing to functional analysis

Paulsen, I., Trent, R., Waterhouse, P., Dawes, I., Henry, R., Crossley, M., Bergquist, P. L., Janitz, M., Arthur, J., Reichardt, J., Packer, N., Yu, B., Scott, R. & Wade, C.


Project: Research

Becton Dickinson LSR-Fortessa FLow Cytometry Cell Analyser

Phillips, J. K., McMorran, B., Burgio, G., Foote, S., Sedger, L., Boyages, J., Rizos, H., Guillemin, G., Adams, S., Heng, B., Stoodley, M., McMullan, S., Blair, I., Yang, S., Warraich, S. & Sen, I.


Project: Research

Determinants of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma

Rizos, H., Long, G., Menzies, A. M., Yang, J., Carlino, M., Kefford, R., Scolyer, R., MQRES, M., MQRES 3 (International), M. 3. & De St Groth, B. F.


Project: Research