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Agile methods and agile spaces

Cassidy, S.


Project: Teaching

Agilent 6130B/1260 LCMS System

Zakoshanski, I., Piggott, A., Karuso, P., Liu, F., Jamie, J., McRae, C., Try, A., Willows, R. & Jin, D.


Project: Research

A Global Fireball Observatory

Rushmer, T., Bland, P., Ireland, T., Homer, J., Benedix, G. K., Tomkins, A., Chennaoui, H., Collins, G., Brown, P., Jenniskens, P., Herd, C., Swindle, T., Pendleton, Y. & MacQuart, J. P.

9/06/17 → …

Project: Research

A Global Mispricing Factor Model

Han, X. & Pan, T.


Project: Research

A GPU-based Cluster for Computing

Dras, M., Johnson, M., Mans, B., Molla-Aliod, D. & Honnibal, M.


Project: Research

Agreement between Macquarie University and Intersect Australia Ltd

Dalziel, J.


Project: Research

Agreement between MQ & Australian Antarctic Division (Jim Piper)

Piper, J.


Project: Research

Agricultural Market Reform in Pakistan to Enhance Growth, Employment & Productivity

Ranjan, R., Jayasuriya, S., Batson, D., Mallawaarachchi, T. & Khan, H.

2/02/16 → …

Project: Research

A ground station for the NANTEN2 sub-millimetre wave telescope

Burton, M., Storey, J., Cunningham, M., Green, A., Barnes, P., Wardle, M., Fukui, Y. & Stutzki, J.


Project: Research

A high performance cluster for computing

Dras, M., Dale, R., Johnson, M., Mans, B., Molla-Aliod, D., Orgun, M., Nayak, A. & Zwarts, S.


Project: Research

A high performance computing cluster and storage for the INTERSECT Consortium of NSW

Esselle, K., Botten, L., Armfield, S., Abbass, H., Ranganathan, S., Steel, M., Henskens, F. & Marchant, T.


Project: Research

AHIS 140 - Myth in the Ancient World

Van Dyke, K.


Project: Research

A historical, hydraulic and archaeometrical study of the Aqua Augusta

Keenan-Jones, D.


Project: Research

A historiographical examination of nineteenth-century world histories

Muffett, S.


Project: Research

AI-Enabled Banking

Beheshti, A.


Project: Research

AINSE Honours Scholarship - Bulathsinghala

Inglis, D. & Bulathsinghala, A.


Project: Research

AISNSW School Based Research Project - MUSEC School

Howell, S., Mills, S., Ho, B. & Carter, M.

23/09/16 → …

Project: Research

A large memory, high performance computing system for the ac3 Research Consortium

Botten, L. & Pitman, A.


Project: Research

A Large-Scale Distributed Experimental Facility for the Internet of Things

Sheng, M., Bouguettaya, A., Loke, S., Li, X., Liang, W., Benattalah, B., Ali Babar, M., Yang, J., Zomaya, A. Y., Wang, Y., Zhou, W., Yao, L., Taylor, K. & Bergmann, N.


Project: Research

Alcohol policy interventions in Scotland and England - APISE

Gordon, R., Hastings, G., Mackintosh, A., Meier, P. & Harris, F.


Project: Research

Alexander the Great and His Successors: The Art of King and Court

Sheedy, K. & Menadier, B.


Project: Research

Algebraic categories and categorical algebra (MQ)

Lack, S.


Project: Research

Algorithmics for extremely mobile wireless networks

Mans, B. & Jacquet, P.


Project: Research

Algorithms for Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography

Doche, C.


Project: Research