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Engaging youth in inspiring the next generation for nature

Goldstein, W. & Lennox, S.


Project: Research

Equipment for preparing histological sections

Pilowsky, P., Goodchild, A., Stoodley, M., Avolio, A., Graham, S. L., Kumar, N., McMullan, S., Sun, Q. & Butlin, M.


Project: Research

Volunteers in Crisis: Analysing Responses to HIV/AIDS in Australia

Robinson, S., Reynolds, R., Sendziuk, P. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Darug Caring-as-Country - Creating Local Environmental Stewards

Suchet-Pearson, S., Dadd, L., Glass, P., Hodge, P., Graham, M., Ens, E. & Judge, S.


Project: Other

Mathematics of Cryptography

Shparlinski, I. & Carthew, K.


Project: Research

Cryptographic hash functions of number theoretic origins

Shparlinski, I. & Bisson, G.


Project: Research

Outside Studies Program 2017

Giggs, R.

1/07/17 → …

Project: Research

Teaching for abstraction: multiplicative comparisons and changes

Mitchelmore, M. & Paul, W.


Project: Research

Elucidating eating disorders and obesity health literacy: Paving the way for an integrated approach to health promotion

Denham, A., Mond, J., Maguire, S., Caterson, I., Hay, P. & Rodgers, B.


Project: Research

MQ Photonics Research Centre

Coutts, D. W., Withford, M., Orr, B., Carman, R., Connally, R., Dawes, J., Browne, P., Downes, J., Fuerbach, A., Goldys, E., Dekker, P., He, Y., Jin, D., Kane, D., Marshall, G., Mildren, R., Pask, H., Piper, J., Rabeau, J., Spence, D., Drozdowicz-Tomsia, K., Town, G., Zvyagin, A. & Steel, M.

1/07/07 → …

Project: Research

Tobii eye-tracker for testing infants and young children

Demuth, K., Grant, K., McMahon, C., Crain, S., Thornton, R., Sharma, M., Cox, F., Tsukada, K., Zhou, P. & Moscati, V.


Project: Research

Improving the efficacy of pseudomonad biocontrol bacteria

Paulsen, I., Hassan, K., Tetu, S., Loper, J. & MQRES, M.

30/06/16 → …

Project: Research

Quantum Science and Technology (QSciTech)

Molina-Terriza, G., Twamley, J., Shparlinski, I., Town, G., Gilchrist, A., Brennen, G., Steel, M., Cresser, J., Rabeau, J., Terno, D., Brown, L., Bulger, D., Rebic, S. & Marshall, G.


Project: Research

Validation of the A-WPTAS: A multicentre randomised controlled study

Shores, A.


Project: Research

Cloud Security: Techniques for Securing Cloud Data and Services

Varadharajan, V., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.

1/01/14 → …

Project: Research

China and the Roman East

Mikkelsen, G. & Lieu, S.


Project: Research

Greenway sustainability - Research Partnership

George, J.


Project: Research

Next generation vegetation model based on functional traits

Wright, I., Prentice, C. & MQRES 3 (International), M. 3.


Project: Research

Improving reading skills in adults with poor literacy

Smith-Lock, K. & Nickels, L.


Project: Research

ASA PhD Support Grant

Chuan, A.


Project: Research

Security for Peer-to-Peer Systems

Varadharajan, V. & Wang, Y.


Project: Research