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D DIA Module

Rushmer, T.


Project: Research

Robust prediction and decision strategies for managing extinction risks under climate change

Hughes, L., Wintle, B., Keith, D. & Hutchinson, M.


Project: Research

A research platform for exploring the genotype: phenotype nexus

Paulsen, I., Charles, I., Wilkinson, M. & Waterhouse, P.


Project: Research

Elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) effects on vegetation: repairing the disconnect betweenexperiments and models

Medlyn, B., Leishman, M., Linder, S., Norby, R., Oren, R. & Newton, J.


Project: Research

Predicting biodiversity from population dynamics

Allen, D., Savage, V. & Gillooly, J.


Project: Research

Private Multiparty Protocols via Graph Coloring

Pieprzyk, J., Tartary, C. & Wang, H.


Project: Research

Exploring attention and motor control in Williams Syndrome

Porter, M., Hocking, D. & Menant, J.


Project: Research

Measuring Public Value in Higher Education

Guthrie, J. & Farneti, F.


Project: Research

The Politics of Birth

McKinnon, K.


Project: Research

An empirical assessment of whale alarms and avoidance, or not, by migrating humpback whales

Harcourt, R., Peddemors, V., Slip, D., Gulesserian, M. & Chinchen, G.


Project: Research

Flexible models of losses on default of corporate debt

Kalotay, E., Pitt, D., Rai, A. & Salazar Flores, Y.


Project: Research

Getinge Large Capacity Steam Sterilizer

Phillips, J. K., Hildreth, C., McMorran, B., Burgio, G., Foote, S., Vickery, K., Deva, A., Connor, M., McMullan, S., Rizos, H., Sedger, L., Boyages, J., Yang, S. & Warraich, S.


Project: Research