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'Boring' or 'interesting': How do we process adjectives after brain damage?

Renvall, K., Burianova, H. & Nickels, L.


Project: Research

International Networking Between Research Centres

Undurraga Lucero, J., McAlpine, D., Monaghan, J., Bowen Moreno, M., Zañartu, M., Prado, P., El-Deredy, W. & R. Paul, D.


Project: Research

Copenhagen Scholarship - Anne Lyngholm Sorensen

Heller, G. & Sørensen, A. L.


Project: Other

Lattices as a Constructive and Destructive Cryptographic Tool

Doche, C., Shparlinski, I., Steinfeld, R., Stehle, D., MQRES, M., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & Newton, J.


Project: Research

Mathematics of Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Shparlinski, I., Doche, C. & Kohel, D.


Project: Research

Recombinant viral DNA ligase

Bergquist, P. L.


Project: Research

Instron Model 5542 tensile testing system

Avolio, A., Butlin, M., Morgan, M., Cartmill, J., Pilowsky, P., Goodchild, A., McMullan, S., Lonergan, T. & Sun, Q.


Project: Research

Correlating Genomics and Proteomics for Systems Biology: integrating the '-omics'

Bergquist, P. L., Baker, M. S., Ferrari, B., Dawes, I., Graham, R., Stock, D., Trent, R., Hunt, N., Reichardt, J. & Scott, R.


Project: Research


Brown, M.

Project: Research

Advanced facility for next generation sustainable energy, biomedical & nano-imaging optical fibre technologies

Peng, J., Yu, A., Amal, R., Khalili, N., Gibson, B., Gan, X., Holdsworth, J., Collins, J., Xi, J., Epaarachchi, J., Reimers, J., Atai, J., Khoury, T., Michie, A., Aslund, M., Wang, J., Scott, J., Kwok, C., Ramer, R., Sen, D., Bao, J., Crossley, M., Baxter, G., Town, G. & Peng, G. D.


Project: Research

Towards an Australian Jurisprudence of Property

Buck, A. & Croucher, R.


Project: Research

Characterisation of a novel family of chlorhexidine efflux systems

Paulsen, I., Hassan, K., Henderson, P. & MQRES 3 (International), M. 3.


Project: Research

Analysis of Preventable Residential Fire Fatalities

Haynes, K., Gissing, A. & Coates, L.

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Project: Research

Advanced technology for transcriptomics, genomics and gene mapping

Scott, R., Bergquist, P. L. & Baker, M. S.


Project: Research

Caging system for rats

Goodchild, A., Cornish, J., Phillips, J. K., Pilowsky, P., Avolio, A., McMullan, S., Butlin, M., Graham, S. L., Kumar, N., Fong, A. & Davidson, A.


Project: Research

Kant and the Metaphysics of Thinking

Olson, M. & Deranty, J.


Project: Research