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The Drivers of Audit Quality

Martinov-Bennie, N., Kilgore, A. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Ecological impacts of QX oyster disease & its management strategies

Bishop, M., O'Conner, W. & APAI, A.


Project: Research

Generation of individualised zebrafish models of MND

Don, E. & Ekker, S.


Project: Research

High pressure experimental equipment: Cubicmulti-anvil apparatus

Zakoshanski, I., Foley, S., Clarke, S., Rushmer, T., Griffin, B., O¿Reilly, S., O'Neill, C. J., Afonso, J. C. & Piazolo, S.


Project: Research

Disease management for conservation of endangered Rock Wallabies

Power, M., Eldridge, M. & Deane, L.


Project: Research

Macquarie University Centre for Motor Neuron Disease Research

Blair, I., Rowe, D., Guillemin, G., Chung, R., Atkin, J., Cole, N., Laird, A., Lim, E., Williams, K., Yang, S., Morsch, M., Lee, A., Shi, B., Walker, A. K., Lovejoy, D., Furlong, S., Adams, L., Syal, D., Bazzi, R., Svahn, A., Parakh, S., Shahheydari, H., Konopka, A., Ragagnin, A., Mehta, P., Wright, A., Bourbon, L., Sabaretnam, M., Don, E., Hortle, E., De Luca, A., Zhang, K., Tarr, I., Galper, J., Varney, B., Chow, S. & Formella, I.


Project: Research

Web-based Analytical Platform for China Datasets

Guo, F., Cheng, Z., Wang, Y., Jackson, R., Huang, Y., Baumann, C., Jepsen, D., Ren, M., Lu, C., Meng, J., Tang, Y., Wang, B., Mukhopadhaya, P., Nahm, D. & Blazey, T.


Project: Research

Global Lithospheric Architecture Mapping II

O'Reilly, S., Griffin, B. & O'Neill, C.


Project: Research

Objective measures of listening effort during real-life conversations

Boisvert, I., Buchholz, J., De Lissa, P., McMahon, C., Lind, C. & Ibrahim, R.


Project: Research

ISHCHERF postdoctoral research fellowship

Deva, A.


Project: Research

CSIRO Top-up Scholarship for Waterworth

Sheng, M. & Waterworth, D.


Project: Research