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Human Communication Sciences Virtual Laboratory

Cassidy, S., Johnson, M. & Burnham, D.


Project: Research

Community Engagement for Reproducable Workflow Platforms

Cassidy, S., Abramson, D., Ceguerra, A., Manos, S., Cook, R. & Chen, G.


Project: Research

Agile methods and agile spaces

Cassidy, S.


Project: Teaching

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Eros Favaretto)

Lepone, A., Favaretto, E. & Casavecchia, L.


Project: Research

MISC - CMCRC: CMCRC Research Assistants

Lepone, A.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Dionigi Gerace)

Lepone, G., Gerace, D. & Lepone, A.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Ty Post-Robertson)

Lepone, A. & Post-Robertson, T.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Qin Olivia Zhang)

Lepone, A. & Zhang, O.

26/05/17 → …

Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Luca Parlamento)

Lepone, A. & Parlamento, L.

8/08/17 → …

Project: Research

CMCRC: Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Niklas Trappe)

Lepone, A. & Trappe, N.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Zhini Yang)

Lepone, A., Lepone, G. & Yang, Y.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2015-2016

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

Affinities in Multicultural Australia

Vasta, E., Taksa, L., Guo, F. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Logistics optimisation algorithms and software

Johnson, M., Jamshid Lou, P. & Ovens , M.


Project: Research

Early childhood sustained home visiting: outcomes at 4 years and the transition to school

Harris, E., McMahon, C., Vimpani, G., Matthey, S., Dockett, S., Perry, R., Anderson, T. & Schmied, V.


Project: Research

New and improved fruit fly lures for border security and management

Jamie, I., Park, S. J., Siderhurst, M., Royer, J., Dominiak, B., Taylor, P., Jamie, J. & MQRES (International), M. (.


Project: Research

Developing and optimising production of a male-only, temperature-sensitive-lethal, strain of Qfly, B. tryoni for SIT

Crisp, P., Taylor, P., Twisk, A., Jessup, A., Steiner, E., Fogliani, R., Suckling, D. M., Nacey, L., Pilkington, L., Woods, B. & Reynolds, O. L.


Project: Other

Water Safety Bracelet

Heimlich, M.

23/06/16 → …

Project: Research

A novel optical stimulation method for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Treatment

McMullan, S., Bilston, L. & Burke , P.


Project: Other