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Capital Markets CRC scholarship (Haresh Gurbux Pardasani)

Mollica, V. & Pardasani, H.

22/02/16 → …

Project: Research

Elucidating eating disorders and obesity health literacy: Paving the way for an integrated approach to health promotion

Denham, A., Mond, J., Maguire, S., Caterson, I., Hay, P. & Rodgers, B.


Project: Research

Biomechanics of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Cheng, S. & Farnoush, A.


Project: Research

Hector - a revolutionary spectrograph for understanding how galaxies evolve

McDermid, R., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Croom, S., Colless, M., Bryant, J. J., Leon-Saval, S., Parker, Q., Kewley, L., Spitler, L., Lawrence, J. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

MISC - CMCRC: CMCRC Research Assistants

Lepone, A.


Project: Research

Use it or Lose it? Maximising your brain health

Siette, J. & Crick, S.


Project: Other

The Hong Kong Archive of Language Learning (Funded by Hong Kong University Grants Committee)

Lee, K., Chik, A., Gao, A. & Trent, J.


Project: Research

Sofia University - Macquarie University Erasmus+ Exchange

Chik, A. & Stoicheva, M.


Project: Other

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Abhay Kulkarni)

Lepone, A. & Kulkarni, A.


Project: Research

Layers of Landscape: the transformation of Aquileian territory from Romanisation to ruralisation. DP120103262

Traviglia, A., Fanning, P., Johnson, I. & Borzacconi, A.


Project: Research


Brown, M.

Project: Research

Mechanics of drug particle aerosolization.

Cheng, S. & Kourmatzis, A.


Project: Research

Martin Lee Centre for Hearing Research

Chung, R.


Project: Research

Strengthening Effectiveness of the Evaluation of Public Private Partnerships

Guthrie, J., English, L., Laughlin, R. & Broadbent, J.


Project: Research

Preconception carrier screening: providing genetically at risk families with a chance to have healthy children

Schofield, D., Laing, N. G., Delatycki, M. B., Dinger, M., Roscioli, T., Kirk, E., Field, M., Bruno, D. L., Archibald, A. D., Petrie, D., Pertile, M., Berkovits, T., Buckley, M., Shrestha, R., Kelly, S. & Worsley, H.


Project: Research

Ian Potter Travel Grant

Johnston, K.


Project: Other