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The role of LIM Kinase 1 in neurons

Ke, Y. D., Eersel, J. V., Fath, T. & Gunning, P.


Project: Research

Retirement intentions and preparedness. [Funded by NSW Dental Association; Total Awarded: $2,000]

Schofield, D. & Fletcher, S.


Project: Research

Safe water must be free for every Australian child.

Gwynne, K., Skinner, J., Dimitropoulos, Y. & Rambaldini, B.


Project: Research

Understanding the Links Between Hearing Impairment with Cognitive Decline and Dementia.

Dawes, P., Pendleton, N., Maharani, A., Elliott, R., Tampubolon, G. & Matthews, K.


Project: Research

Buffering the ecosystem impact of invasive cane toads

Shine, R. & Ward-Fear, G.


Project: Other

Some New Insights on the Determinants of Capital Structure

Shen, Y., Wallace, D. & Reddy, K.

Project: Research

Novel Model Average Approach for Sovereign Credit Risk

Liao, Y. & Zhu, M.


Project: Research

Australian Research Council Discovery Project: Geopolitical Changes and the Antarctic Treaty System

Haward, M., Liu, N., Stephens, T., Scott, S., McGee, J. & Press, T.


Project: Research

Novel multiscale fibre composites for cryogenic space technologies

Wang, C. H., Wu, S., Kinloch, A. J. & Rose, F.


Project: Research

How Low-for-long Impact on Credit Risk Premium

Liao, Y., Berndt, A. & Helwege, J.

1/01/19 → …

Project: Research

A high performance computing cluster and storage for the INTERSECT Consortium of NSW

Esselle, K., Botten, L., Armfield, S., Abbass, H., Ranganathan, S., Steel, M., Henskens, F. & Marchant, T.


Project: Research

A Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health: Making health services work for adolescents in a digital age. [Funded by NHMRC; Total Awarded; $2,500,000 APP1134894]

Steinbeck, K., Skinner, S. R., Sanci, L., Schofield, D., Brooks, F., Dawson, A., Ivers, R. Q., Perry, L., Liu, B., Collin, P., Third, A., Mooney-Somers, J., Straker, L., Baur, L. A., Kang, M., Hazell, P., Gibson, S., Eades, S. & Sawyer, S. M.


Project: Research