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Beyond the Grammar Checker: Automated Copy-Editing Assistance

Dale, R., MQRES, M., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & PhD Contribution (ARC) 2, P. C. (. 2.

30/06/13 → …

Project: Research

Australian Phenomics Network (APN CRIS)

Foote, S.


Project: Research

Melanoma Glycomics

Abrahams, J. & Packer, N.


Project: Research

Identification and Characterisation of Novel Biomarkers for Colrectal Cancer

Sethi, M. & Fanayan, S.


Project: Research

Dingo vocal communication: a tool for management and conservation?

Harcourt, R. & Clarke-Mackessy, J.


Project: Research

Curricular approaches to increasing cultural competence and Indigenous participation in Psychology education and training

Homewood, J., Dudgeon, P., Herbert, J., Harris, J., Darlaston-Jones, D. & Hammond, S.


Project: Research

The tobacco industry, policy influence and global health

MacKenzie, R. & Lee, K.

1/07/13 → …

Project: Research

Brain Function in Down Syndrome

Porter, M.


Project: Research

Does laterality enhance counting ability

Brown, C.


Project: Research

Generative models of life stories

Johnson, M., Du, L. & Buntine, W.

2/07/13 → …

Project: Research

Complete a new edition of a book on the evaluation of digital learning

Hedberg, J.


Project: Research

The Politics of Birth

McKinnon, K.


Project: Research