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NBR: Defining the spatial and temporal regulation of neurite branching

Fath, T., Gunning, P., Brandt, R., Klotzsch, E., Karl, T. & Delerue, F.


Project: Other

Delivering safe and effective care for children in hospital with ehealth systems

Westbrook, J., Georgiou, A., Day, R., O'Brien, T., Karnon, J., Dalla-Pozza, L., Cowell, P., Li, L., Baysari, M., Ambler, G., PhD Contribution (NHMRC), P. C. (. & PhD Contribution 2 (NHMRC), P. C. 2. (.

1/04/15 → …

Project: Research

Delivering safe and effective test result communication, management and follow-up

Georgiou, A., Westbrook, J., Greenfield, D., Horvath, A., Wakefield, D., Li, L. & Hillman, K.

1/12/15 → …

Project: Research

Dementia, Moral Agency and Identity: Respecting the Vulnerable

Matthews, S. & Kennett, J.


Project: Research

Demographic and Social Dimensions of Migrant Ageing and Wellbeing in Australia

Taksa, L., Guo, F., Cheng, Z., Tani, M., Liu, L. & Zimmermann, K.


Project: Research

DEMO-TRAITS -Tree demography, function traits and climate change

Westoby, M. & Courbaud, B.


Project: Research

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)

Freeman, P.


Project: Research

Dermal Absorption of Metal Nanoparticles

Gulson, B.


Project: Research

Dermal absorption of Zinc oxide nanoparticles from sunscreens in humans (mice and swine)

Gulson, B. & McCall, M. J.


Project: Research

Designer defects in diamond for solid state quantum networks

Rogers, L.


Project: Research

Designing a systematic approach to research into reflection for learning

Harvey, M.


Project: Research

Designing software for secrecy: Security-enabled program algebra

McIver, A., Morgan, C., Newton, J. & Butler, M.


Project: Research

Detecting light in the near-infrared four photons at a time

Steel, M., Withford, M., Ireland, M. & Yan, Z.


Project: Research

Determinants of aggressive schemas

Warburton, W. A.


Project: Research

Determinants of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in melanoma

Rizos, H., Long, G., Menzies, A. M., Yang, J., Carlino, M., Kefford, R., Scolyer, R., MQRES, M., MQRES 3 (International), M. 3. & De St Groth, B. F.


Project: Research

Determining mechanisms and rates of estuarine beach recovery

Gallop, S., Vila-Concejo, A., Goodwin, I. & Fellowes, T.

1/07/17 → …

Project: Research

Determining the contribution of peripheral immune complement signalling in the progression of motor neuron disease

Chung, R., Woodruff, T., Ruitenberg, M., McCombe, P. A. & Barnumn, S.

1/01/15 → …

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