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Sustainability Archaeology and Landscape Transformation on Abaiang Atoll, Republic of Kiribati

Tristant, Y., Thomas, F., Uriam, K., McKeown, M., John, E. & Gale, S.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Surface water-subsurface water interactions in endangered upland swamp systems

Fryirs, K., Cowley, K. & Mould, S.


Project: Research

Surface display of lipases on K.lactis - Proof of Concept

Bergquist, P. L.


Project: Research

Supporting the aims of the Aged Services Industry

Taksa, L., Dados, N. & Cousins, L.


Project: Research

Supporting hearing aid use for people with dementia

Dawes, P., Leroi, I., Brown, L. & Armitage, C. J.


Project: Research

Support for purchase of BD Fortessa Flow cytometer

Rizos, H. & Kefford, R.


Project: Research

Support for Face Experiments

Medlyn, B.


Project: Research

Supplementary support for Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr Rolf Ericsson

Joss, J.


Project: Research

Superresolution light microscope for deep view functional analyses of cancer cells and their microenvironment: a springboard and partner technology for high resolution correlative microscopy studies

Parker, L., Killingsworth, M., Shackel, N., de Souza, P., Scott, R., Roberts, T., Apte, M., Salih, A., Valenzuela, S. & Makris, A.


Project: Research

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Nevalainen, H., Gaus, K., Khachigian, L., Jessup, W., Hogg, P., Gunning, P., Kavallaries, M., Willcox, M., Gooding, J., Thordarson, P., King, N., Allen, D., Vadas, M., Ammit, A., Grewal, T., Jolliffe, K., Goodchild, A. & Whitchurch, C.


Project: Research

Superresolution fluorescence imaging in microbiology

Paulsen, I., Dixon, N., Whitchurch, C., Harry, E., Turnbull, L., van Oijen, A., Lewis, P., Grainge, I., Jensen, S. & Böcking, T.


Project: Research

Supercontinent Cycle and Global Geodynamics

O'Neill, C. J., Evans, D., Zhong, S., Eglington, B. & Li, Z.


Project: Research

Supercells and the supercontinent cycle

Belousova, E. & Collins, W.


Project: Research

Sugarbag and shellfish: Indigenous foodways in colonial Cape York Peninsula

Ross, S., Morrison, M., McNaughton, D., Burke, H., Sobotkova, A., Moffat, I., Asmussen, B. & Claudie, D.


Project: Research

Successful online social sites using Linguistic strategies

Peck, J.


Project: Research

Subject English: Rhetorics and Realities

O'Sullivan, K.


Project: Research

Study of the role played by AMP deaminase 3 in erythrocytic life-span

Rizos, H., Foote, S., McMorran, B., Burgio, G. & Karuso, P.


Project: Research