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Start-up grant for Simon George

George, S.


Project: Research

Start-up funds for Future Fellowship FT0991243 (Rabeau)

Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

Stakeholder Perceptions of Outcomes of Doctoral Education: A Pilot Study

Neumann, R.


Project: Research

Stable Isotopes and Animal Movement

Sowada, K., Alard, O. & Sousa, E.


Project: Research

Sporadic ALS Australian Systems Genomics Consortium (SALSA- SGC)

Blair, I., Wray, N., Benyamin, B., Henderson, R. D., Kiernan, M., Laing, N., Mathers, S., McCombe, P. A., Nicholson, G., Pamphlett, R., Rowe, D., Schultz, D., Visscher, P. M., Vucic, S., Williams, K., Zhao, Q., Al-Chalabi, A., Veldink, J., Van den Berg, L. & Henders, A. K.


Project: Research

SPLAT cuelure based management of Queensland fruit fly

Taylor, P., Crisp, P., Leach, P., Baker, G., Reynolds, O., Jessup, A., Woods, B. & Twisk, A.


Project: Research

Spinning the ferrous wheel: how is iron cycled in Southern Ocean waters?

Armand, L., Ellwood, M., Boyd, P., Wilhelm, S. & Twining, B.

31/05/17 → …

Project: Research

Speech production in the developing brain

Johnson, B., Cheyne, D., van Lieshout, P. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Speech Enhancement in Humans and Machines

Monaghan, J., Goehring, T., Bleeck, S. & McMahon, C.

13/03/17 → …

Project: Research

Speculative Arithmetic Design

Kong, Y.


Project: Research

Spectroscopic follow-up of PN candidates from the IPHAS & MASH surveys

Parker, Q. & Stupar, M.


Project: Research

Spectroscopic follow-up of new Galactic SuperNova remnant candidates

Parker, Q. & Stupar, M.


Project: Research

Spectroscopic confirmation of new Galactic Supernova Remnants

Parker, Q.


Project: Research

Spectral properties of differential operators

Sikora, A.


Project: Research

Special fibres research and development

Town, G.


Project: Research

Spatial variability in polar soil ecosystems: An integrated study of genes, microbial biodiversity and landform evolution as a baseline for monitoring climate change

Gillings, M., Coulon, F., Ferguson, S. H., Gore, D., Kirsten, A., Raymond, B., Riddle, M., Siciliano, S., Snape, I., Stark, J. & Wasley, J.


Project: Research