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Reporting NSW Case Law, 1788 to the middle of the nineteenth century

Kercher, B.


Project: Research

Analysis of Crytographic Hash Functions

Pieprzyk, J.


Project: Research

Geographies of the Camp

Minca, C., Katz, I. & Martin, D.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

Exploring the Mid-infrared photonics frontier with a 1-5 micron camera

Ireland, M., Fuerbach, A., Lawrence, J., Jovanovic, N. & Palmer, G.


Project: Research

Extremely High-Frequency Antennas for Future Wireless Systems

Esselle, K., Hashmi, R., Hesselbarth, J., Afzal, M., Singh, K. & Cuenca, D.

15/01/18 → …

Project: Research

The Impact of Web-based Lecture Technologies on Current and Future Practice in Learning and Teaching

Gosper, M., Phillips, R., Carter, H. & Green, D.


Project: Research

International Networking Between Research Centres

Undurraga Lucero, J., McAlpine, D., Monaghan, J., Bowen Moreno, M., Zañartu, M., Prado, P., El-Deredy, W. & R. Paul, D.


Project: Research

ZEST EU: The Zenflow Spring System EU Safety and Performance Study

Lynch, W. J., Rai, M. & Chapman, N.


Project: Research

Sharon Oviatt ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship Preparation

Dale, R. & Oviatt, S.


Project: Research

Comparative Analysis Health Partnerships in UK, Denmark and Australia

Steane, P.


Project: Research

Speech production in the developing brain

Johnson, B., Cheyne, D., van Lieshout, P. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Reproductive plasticity and climate change: insights from a region of opportunistic birds

Griffith, S., MQRES, M. & MQRES (International), M. (.

1/01/14 → …

Project: Research

Mining the mobile genome of vibrio pathogens: causes of cholera pandemics

Mabbutt, B., Stokes, H., Boucher, Y. & Willows, R.


Project: Research

Global Lithospheric Architecture Mapping II

O'Reilly, S., Griffin, B. & O'Neill, C.


Project: Research