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Tesla MRI system for human cognitive neuroscience research

Coltheart, M. & Mattingley, J.


Project: Research

Advanced focused ion beam microscope with secondary ion mass spectrometer for trace element characterisation and nanomachining of hard and soft matter

Lang, C., Pereloma, E., Forsyth, M., Ivanova, E., Donne, S., Ye, L., Dou, S., Fu, J., Sheppard, L., Crosky, A., Birbilis, N., Nutman, A., Tieu, K., Nolan, D. & Gazder, A.


Project: Research

Mobility of platinum group elements during serpentinisation

Evans, K. A., Reddy, S. M., Schaefer, B. & Tutolo, B.


Project: Research

Contaminated sites review

Taylor, M.


Project: Research

Omnichannel retail quality

Rahman, S., Carlson, J., Gudergan, S. & Wetzels, M.

17/04/16 → …

Project: Research

Endeavour Research Fellowship 2018

Armbrecht, L.


Project: Research

CSIRO Deep Earth Top-up PhD Scholarship

Afonso, J. C. & Burcet Rodriguez, M.


Project: Research

Biophysical characterization of proteins and peptides

Morshed, N. & Rodger, A.


Project: Research

Living archives on eugenics in Western Canada

Sutton, J. & Wilson, R.


Project: Research

Risk Management Systems and Implications for Carbon Emission Reporting and Reduction - A study of Australian Carbon Intensive Firms

Leung, P., Subramaniam, N., Cooper, B., Collier, P. & Ferguson, C.


Project: Research

Black box of content marketing

Bowden, J., Valaskivi, K., Ruohonen, M. & Luoma-aho, V.

1/12/16 → …

Project: Research

GEMOC Terrance Chron

McMahon, C.

1/01/10 → …

Project: Research

Develop new molecular methods for comprehensive and rapid fruit fly diagnosis

Crisp, P., Nacey, L., Taylor, P., Siddiqui, M., Haymer, D., Armstrong, K. F. & Schutze, M. K.


Project: Research

Navigational and neuroethological aspects of cooperative transport in weaver ants

Burchill, A., Reid, C. & Pratt, S.


Project: Research

Respiratory modulation: Role in the development of cardiovascular diseases

Allen, A. M., McMullan, S., Bathgate, R. & Menuet, C.


Project: Research

Supercells and the supercontinent cycle

Belousova, E. & Collins, W.


Project: Research

Constraints on phonological and morphological development

Demuth, K. & Shattuck-Hufnagel, S.


Project: Research

Accelerating Indigenous Higher Education - Whole of University

Holt, L. & Larkin, S.


Project: Research

Sex chromosomes and speciation: chromosome inversion and the large Z-effect

Griffith, S., Hooper, D., Mundy, N., Price, T., Rowe, M. & Webster, M.


Project: Research

EDCOM: EDCOM Emergency Communication Project

Herke, M., Matthiessen, C., Slade, D., McGregor, J., Scheeres, H., Stein-Parbury, J., Chandler, E., Stanton, N., Manidis, M. & Dunstan, R.


Project: Research

Research Survey LendLease Building

Searle, B.


Project: Research

Determining the contribution of peripheral immune complement signalling in the progression of motor neuron disease

Chung, R., Woodruff, T., Ruitenberg, M., McCombe, P. A. & Barnumn, S.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

(Re)claiming social capital: improving language and cultural pathways for refugee students into Australian higher education

Fagan, S., Tregale, R., Baker, S., Irwin, E., Cameron, H., Singh, S. & Earnest, J.


Project: Research

Saturates Testing

McRae, C.

1/01/05 → …

Project: Research

Supercontinent Cycle and Global Geodynamics

O'Neill, C. J., Evans, D., Zhong, S., Eglington, B. & Li, Z.


Project: Research

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program

Klein, A., Rapee, R. & Westenberg, M.


Project: Research

ILC Grant Start-Up Program

Mitchell, R.


Project: Research

Status, Structure and Distribution of Southern Right Whales in South-East Australia - Phase 2

Harcourt, R., Watson, M., Alderman, R., Ross, G. & Chinchen, G.


Project: Research