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PPAP: Perachora Peninsula Archaeological Project

Lupack, S., Kasimi, G., Ross, S., Beck, H., Skuse, M. & Sobotkova, A.


Project: Research

Physiologically specific particle based drug delivery

Cheng, S. & Kourmatzis, A.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

An Australian Attosecond Science Facility

Kielpinski, D., Sang, R., Lohmann, B., Fuerbach, A. & Luiten, A. N.


Project: Research

Telomere Dysfunction in ALS/MND

Atkin, J. & Cutts, S.

1/05/17 → …

Project: Research

Co-evolution of Cooperation, Mindreading, and Morality

Kashima, Y., Levy, N., Kirley, M., Howe, P., Laham, S. & Ohtsubo, Y.


Project: Research

HIV/AIDS Vunerability in the Upper Mekong

Lyttleton, C.


Project: Research

Information methods in quantum gravity

Terno, D.


Project: Research

Determining the role of disease avoidance in stigmatization

Stevenson, D., Oaten, M., Chambers, S. & Kurzban, R.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

The nature epistemic normativity

Duke-Yonge, J.


Project: Research


Sobotkova, A.

18/03/16 → …

Project: Research

Improving classroom writing by enhancing reflexive decisions and practice

Ryan, M., Kervin, L., Barton, G. & Myhill, D.


Project: Research

Faculty Equipment Grant Scheme 2017

Van Yper, L.


Project: Research

Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Legal Education

Barrow, A. & Melville, A.

30/07/17 → …

Project: Research