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A Shimadzu Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LCMS) 2010 EV

Stokes, H.


Project: Research

A single molecule science laboratory

Goldys, E., Gaus, K., Gooding, J., Lee, L., Whisstock, J., Rossjohn, J., Hertzog, P., Heath, W., Godfrey, D., Hatters, D., Quiney, H., Abbey, B., Braet, F., King, N., Grau, G., van Oijen, A., Mak, J., Meunier, F., Yap, A., Eyre, N., Russell, S. & Böcking, T.


Project: Research

ASISTM Meteorology in Schools

Mitchelmore, M.


Project: Research

Assays of Indian Medicinal Plants

Vemulpad, S. & Velmurugan, R.


Project: Research

Assessing groundwater Fungi as nove bioindicators of contamination

Lategan, J.


Project: Research

Assessing male influence on population structure in the Australian sea lion

Stow, A., Ahonen, H. & Chinchen, G.


Project: Research

Assessing the assessments: evidence and benchmarking student learning outcomes in chemistry

Jamie, I., Schmid, S., O'Brien, G., Lim, K., Pyke, S., Schultz, M., Southam, D. & Bridgeman, A.


Project: Research

Assessing the potential for socially just low carbon communities

Bulkeley, H. & Fuller, S.


Project: Research

OOA_PADI Foundation: Assessing trophic interactions between key marine apex predators off the Uruguayan coast

Harcourt, R., Riverón Mato, A. S., Raoult, V., Slip, D., Páez, E., Lima, M. & Bessonart, M.


Project: Research

Assessment and modelling of Chiropractic in Australia

Strkalj, G.


Project: Research

Assessment and video development for Computer Games (COMP111)

Ryan, M. & Crippa, D.


Project: Teaching

Assessment of Numbers and Distribution of Southern Right Whales in South-east Australia - Year 2

Harcourt, R., Watson, M., Westhorpe, I., Bannister, J. & Alderman, R.


Project: Research