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Quantum algorithms for computational physics

Berry, D., Brennen, G., Childs, A., Pachos, J. K. & Aspuru-Guzik, A.


Project: Research

Not-for-profit Board Performance: Building a best-practice framework

Martinov-Bennie, N., Gilchrist, D., Tweedie, D. & Knight, P.


Project: Research

Thomson Reuters Global Ownership Database

Trueck, S., Yu, F., Adrian, C., Carlton, A., Chand, P., Chen, C., Cummings, J., Evans, E., De Mello, L., He, C., Hellmann, A., Jameson, K., Kalotay, E., Loudon, G., Lu, M., Mala, R., Magee, S., Milunovich, G., Pan, P., Patel, C., Sheedy, E., Shi, S., Siu, K. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Screen Production Multi-Camera System - II

Millard, K.


Project: Research

Sporadic ALS Australian Systems Genomics Consortium (SALSA- SGC)

Blair, I., Wray, N., Benyamin, B., Henderson, R. D., Kiernan, M., Laing, N., Mathers, S., McCombe, P. A., Nicholson, G., Pamphlett, R., Rowe, D., Schultz, D., Visscher, P. M., Vucic, S., Williams, K., Zhao, Q., Al-Chalabi, A., Veldink, J., Van den Berg, L. & Henders, A. K.


Project: Research

PacBio long read sequencer for the Ramaciotti Genomics Consortium of NSW

Paulsen, I., Wilkins, M., Cavicchioli, R., Morris, K., Charles, I., Thomas, T., Darling, A., Djordjevic, S., Petty, N., Gillings, M., Holmes, E., James, D., Wade, C. & Dinger, M.


Project: Research

Australia China Young Scientist Exchange Program

Lim, E.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2015-2016

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

International Law Advice

Klein, N.


Project: Research

Contaminated sites review

Taylor, M.


Project: Research

(Re)claiming social capital: improving language and cultural pathways for refugee students into Australian higher education

Fagan, S., Tregale, R., Baker, S., Irwin, E., Cameron, H., Singh, S. & Earnest, J.


Project: Research

Services Agreement for MEG Services

Sowman, P., Ballard, K. & Stylianou, E.


Project: Research

Non-Alzheimer's disease degenerative dementias: Identifying prodromal genetic/familial phenotypes, modifying factors, and protein variations involved in progression

Rowe, D., Halliday, G., Hodges, J., Lewis, S., Piguet, O., Kril, J. J., Kwok, J., Villemagne, V., Kiernan, M. & McKeith, I.


Project: Research

Generation of individualised zebrafish models of MND

Don, E. & Ekker, S.


Project: Research

A pilot study on interpreting in mental health interactions

Hlavac, J. & Orlando, M.


Project: Research