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Intellectual Capital and Universities

Dumay, J.


Project: Research

Intelligence-Led Teaching and Learning

Beheshti, A.


Project: Research

Intelligent Virtual Worlds for Inquiry Learning

Richards, D., Jacobson, M., Taylor, C., Sutherland, L., Kapur, M. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Interactions of the Totten Glacier with the Southern Ocean through multiple glacial cycles

Armand, L., De Santis, L., Domack, E., Goodwin, I., Leventer, A., O'Brien, P., Opdyke, B., Post, A., Escutia-Dotti, C. & MQRES, M.

6/11/15 → …

Project: Research

Interfacial Mapping Facility

Goldys, E., Dastoor, P. & Fell, C.


Project: Research

International Coastal Symposium, 13-18 May 2018

Gallop, S.

13/05/18 → …

Project: Research

International exchanges of knowledge, temporary skilled labour movements, and Australia's economic growth

Tani Bertuol, M., Dowrick, S. & Trussler, C.


Project: Research

International Law Advice

Klein, N.


Project: Research

International Networking Between Research Centres

Undurraga Lucero, J., McAlpine, D., Monaghan, J., Bowen Moreno, M., Zañartu, M., Prado, P., El-Deredy, W. & R. Paul, D.


Project: Research

Interpreters in court: witness credibility with interpreted testimony

Napier, J.


Project: Research

In the beginning - Modelling how life starts as proteins fold

Wood, G.


Project: Research

In-vehicle submicron particle pollution in road tunnels

Knibbs, L.


Project: Research