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Sound Change in Australian English

Cox, F.

31/07/17 → …

Project: Research

BMAA contamination and toxicity

Guillemin, G.


Project: Research

Generation of individualised zebrafish models of MND

Don, E. & Ekker, S.


Project: Research

Molecular analysis of T cells in cancer

Sedger, L. & Kefford, R.


Project: Research

Performance and governance structures of industry superannuation funds

Markey, R., Wright, S., Thornthwaite, L. & Rafferty, M.


Project: Research

Evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of an intervention to support primary schools in NSW who are part of the SunSmart Program

Dudley, D. A., Winslade, M., Cotton, W., Drinkwater, E., Tribolet, K. & Wright, B.


Project: Research

Effect of the Basel Accord capital requirements on the loan-loss provisioning practices of Australian Banks

Cummings, J., Wright, S. & Durrani, K.


Project: Research

Video Consultation Capability Project (HealthDirect)

Georgiou, A., Coiera, E. & Baysari, M.


Project: Research

Vulnerability, Autonomy and Justice

Mackenzie, C. & Rogers, W.


Project: Research

Vulnerability, Autonomy and Justice

Mackenzie, C., Rogers, W. & Dodds, S.


Project: Research

Graphite and carbonate AMS ages for Holocene bivalves

Kosnik, M., Hua, Q. & Dominguez Sarmiento, G.


Project: Research

Semiparametric modelling of medical cost data

Zhou, X.


Project: Research

Behavious and social evolution of lizards

Whiting, M.


Project: Research

Australian Medical Assessment Collaboration: from proof of concept to proof of sustainability (AMAC-2)

Wilkinson, D., Canny, B., Coates, H., Schuwirth, L., Edwards, D., Wan, M., Hudson, N., Wilson, I., Pearce, J., Jones, P., Tedman, R., Kramer, D. & Macnish, J.


Project: Research