A Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health: Making health services work for adolescents in a digital age. [Funded by NHMRC; Total Awarded; $2,500,000 APP1134894]

  • Steinbeck, Katharine (Chief Investigator)
  • Skinner, S. Rachel (Chief Investigator)
  • Sanci, Lena (Chief Investigator)
  • Schofield, Deborah (Primary Chief Investigator)
  • Brooks, Fiona (Chief Investigator)
  • Dawson, Angus (Chief Investigator)
  • Ivers, Rebecca Q. (Chief Investigator)
  • Perry, Lin (Chief Investigator)
  • Liu, Bette (Chief Investigator)
  • Collin, Philippa (Chief Investigator)
  • Third, Amanda (Associate Investigator)
  • Mooney-Somers, Julie (Associate Investigator)
  • Straker, Leon (Associate Investigator)
  • Baur, Louise A. (Associate Investigator)
  • Kang, Melissa (Associate Investigator)
  • Hazell, Philip (Associate Investigator)
  • Gibson, Sally (Associate Investigator)
  • Eades, Sandra (Associate Investigator)
  • Sawyer, Susan M. (Associate Investigator)

Project: Research

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A Centre focused on the development, risky behaviour and making health services work for adolescents
Effective start/end date13/02/1831/10/22