Accelerate MTeach Program: Supporting STEM mid-career transition into the teaching profession

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The Accelerate MTeach program uses an innovative approach that is based on executive coaching and mentoring principles. The career changing students enter the program/course with extensive professional discipline expertise and experience and this requires the program to be delivered with the persona of existing professionals in mind. Outcomes focused: The program will attract career-changers and produce high quality teachers that are responsive, reflexive, resilient, research engaged and ready to learn (See Appendix 3 – Macquarie School of Education 5Rs Framework). Collaboration with stakeholders: Partnering in the co-design and delivery of the Accelerate MTeach program. Reducing barriers to entry: Streamline processes and support transition into the program. Accelerating students into the classroom: Expose students to the school ecosystem sooner and reinforce the concept of entering the teaching profession at the point of enrolment in the program/course. Supporting transition and retention: Focus on professional development and career planning throughout the program/course via activities in the Academy of Continuing Professional Development in Education (ACPDE). Engage students in Transition to the Profession events throughout the program/course. This is documented via the professional ePortfolio and accessing the TeachSmarter App which is a teaching resource including content links, video teaching, reflection and mentor feedback and teacher professional networking capacity.
Effective start/end date1/12/2130/06/25