Archiving Himalayan Music and Language

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This project seeks to introduce Indian researchers in the areas of music and languages to best practice in digital archiving techniques used in Australia. In the process recording collections held by key researchers in the Himalayas will be digitised and shared amongst leading sound Archives in India and Australia.

Layman's description

The project will increase collaboration between Australian academics and Indian academics working in the fields of Himalayan music, folklore and language. The project will bring researchers from India to Australia to engage with archival projects associated with digitisation and dissemination of analog collections as experienced in Australia.

Key findings

The project will result in Indian researchers engaging with Australian archivists to gain knowledge of best practice in digitised sound archive dissemination. Ultimately, a major and significant private collection of audio material from the Himalayas will be digitised and shared amongst archives in New Delhi and Sydney. The archives will become a resource for ongoing musicological research associated with epic rendition in the Himalayas.
Short titleArchiving Himalayan Music and Language
StatusNot started