Art and Object Engagement program: for people living at home with dementia and their carers

Project: Research

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This project enhances and improves the emotional and social wellbeing of older people living at home with dementia and their carers. Evidence shows that engaging with art and history positively impacts the welfare and quality of life of people with dementia and their carer/s. This program utilises both art and objects of social history to inspire participants to interact socially and to stimulate thought, within the context of the art museum space. It provides a much-needed, free service to this often isolated cohort in the community in a safe and welcoming space. The program also ensures a sustainable impact by supporting carers and encouraging them to continue the approach beyond the gallery, providing them with materials and resources to continue to do so.

Layman's description

The project will provide a service for people suffering from dementia and their carers and provide the team with data on their experiences and responses to art and social history objects.
Short titleArt and Engagement
Effective start/end date23/07/1823/07/19