Assessing head and neck cancer-related lymphoedema using Indocyanine Green (ICG) lymphography – a pilot study

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Although up to 90% of individuals treated for head and neck cancers will develop lymphoedema, the condition is poorly understood. Head and neck lymphoedema is disfiguring and results in significant physical, functional, and psychological impacts. ICG lymphography is an innovative technology for imaging the lymphatics. The aim of this project is to identify lymphatic drainage of the head and neck in normal conditions and in individuals living with head and neck lymphoedema using ICG lymphography. The results of this study will improve diagnosis and understanding of the condition which will guide targeted interventions to improve patient outcomes and well-being.
Short titleHead and neck cancer-related lymphoedema
AcronymMQRAS 21 R2
Effective start/end date25/01/2231/12/22